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Greetings from Colorado!

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My name is Sara. I'm making my way through the class content and I'm learning so much! Currently, I'm a therapist and I'm looking to add mindfulness training/classes/groups to my practice. When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my family. I live with my husband, son (who is about to graduate High school!). I have 2 daughters too, ages 20 and 22 that live nearby. I love spending time outside, running, doing yoga, learning, cooking and playing with my dogs. 


I hope to learn, grow and connect at deeper level with myself, others and the world around me. I'm looking forward to participating on this forum more often. Hopefully I'll "see" you around!



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Hi Sara! Thank you for introducing yourself to the community. It's lovely to connect with you here.

I'm part of the support team for the program and the community moderator. I'm also a freelance writer and yoga + meditation teacher (though I have been focusing exclusively on meditation lately). I also lead women's circles and am looking into additional certifications.

What types of dogs do you have? I have two mixed breeds (they were Greek street dogs, so we're not sure what breeds they are) - and like you, I adore spending time with them.


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Hi Sara! Lovely to hear about your dogs as well. What ages are they?

I teach meditation to small groups online - people who I have come to know over the years, most of whom I'm connected to on social media or via my email list. So I don't work through a studio or anything; simply via Zoom through my own organization. The demand wavers. Now that the warmer weather is coming, fewer people are interested - or they're simply getting busier. Lately my meditation teachings have been taking place primarily within the women's circles themselves, so it is largely women within my age demographic (30s) who attend. 

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