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Gillian Florence

What are the core values you wish to share through your teachings?

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This week's question asks:

What are the core values you wish to share through your teachings?

While many of us share similar core values, there will be differences in what weighs most important to each of us. What core values drive you forward and will emanate from your mindfulness teachings? 

Examples include compassion, honesty, truth, open-mindedness, freedom, creativity, and so on. List and describe as many as you'd like.

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For me, first, there needs to be an openness to Mindful Meditation; even, if not Meditation at first, then,  at least an openness to an attitude of Mindfulness; ultimately, it's not one or the other, it's both! One has to question, what is a Student's Motivation? I was always seeking a meaningful Coaching/ Teaching Certification program to suit my needs, that hopefully will be attractive to others, where learning is on an Equal basis...to be a Student of Life, so to speak, and Sean has demonstrated that!

Second, his guiding Principles of Loving Kindness & Compassion for others & at best,  Self-Compassion, too,  is the invitation to grow as a Student-Teacher and having the Curiosity to move forward...

Recently, when I did a modification Meditation on Sean's "Being Still" has taugh me to stop and just be, in the moment, having that curiosity to participate in that process & see where that leads! I decided another day soon afterwards to make up my own Meditation themed, "To Do or Just Be"; intially my frustration hearing others saying, "I am too busy" to help or to hear another potential client say, "I've got too much on my brain" right now...the curious question I posed to her was, "What's your alternative", left with food for thought! 

Of course, I am loving the concepts of of The Mindful Self-Compassion book by Kristen Neff & Christopher Germer; my next book probably will be one of David Treleaven's book, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing. 

So these are my initial thoughts...as I explore more types of Meditation, I'll reserve comments moving forward.

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