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Gillian Florence

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Hi community,

I just wanted to share a few new blog posts that have recently been added to the Mindfulness Exercises main website. It highlights some ideas and resources particularly helpful for mindfulness teachers. If you check any of these out, feel free to share your thoughts with me in this thread (or any additional ideas and resources you have to share in regards to any of these topics):

8 Resources to Help You Teach Mindfulness to Children

How to Teach Mindfulness With Less Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty

7 Resources to Help You Find Your Voice As A Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

10 Resources for How to Teach Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness


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Typo - edited article title name for accuracy
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Hey Gillian,

These are Great Topics; i listened to this one: "How to Teach Mindfulness With Less Fear, Doubt, and Insecurity", only actually the last term was "Uncertainty", though when I saw your last term, 'Insecurity', Gillian, I identified with the that the most, "FDI", years ago was how I termed the anancronym. I learned that one many years ago having survived an Alcoholic Marriage, so I use to believe I was not worth it and I was being punished for what I did not know, my confidence was shattered and always compared myself to others; I did the same in High school being around the Brainiacs...so how to resolve those crazy ideas?

First, is to be aware of the those negative emotions, let them roll around in my Brain, see how they felt, exploring where they came from, checking out their validations, if any! Once I figured out I deserved better, that became my new Mantra, "I deserve better", so I build on that everyday; do I have to be perfect?>> A resounding No! Was Sean Fargo Perfect in his journey?...No, of course not. Once Sean alluded to me that he had already made all the mistakes in his Journey, then he motivated me to join here. Now I figured out that my Meditations do not have to follow the scripts to a T! So long as the follow a basic pattern, implementing the Basics, like Breaths and other various anchors, then I am ok to proceed. That is why I decided to do a Meditation titled, "To Do or To Be" this past week, unique to me!

So that was very enlightening, also was the Vision we have for ourselves; what did I envision at that moment? I pictured myself performing a Meditation with a group of Community folks from my Neighborhood, and being able to identify myself with each and every participant...we are are all in this together, Students and Teachers, all equal, in fact the more vulnerable we are, the attractive we can become to new Students!

Wow! That was an analysis of only one of those links, and I need to journal all that too!!! So thank you for posting those...Now I have to prepare for a Student Photographer today and I intend to bring those same Mindful intentions to her today!!!

Have a Blessed day, All!! Namaste!

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Because I can!:)
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Hey Rick,

Ah you are so right - I wrote 'insecurity' when in the article it is 'uncertainty' - typo! 

Thank you for these wonderful reflections. It was particularly nice to read the vision you had of where you would teach mindfulness and to whom. I also completely agree that we do not have to be perfect. I am a firm believer that life is a continual journey of growth and that there is always more to uncover about who we are, what our conditioning/biases are, and where we have room to evolve.

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Thank you for posting those links too; I sometimes have a hard time figuring where all those Resource links I need to keep track of,

so I decided to file those in my E-Notes under your name!! Just an FYI...

"May You All Be Well. May You Be Free from All Suffering. May you Be Healthy. May You All Be Happy. May You All Live your Lives with Ease".

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