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Weekly Mentoring/Q&A Sessions

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On 3/3/2021 at 10:42 AM, marga.wiekens123@yahoo.co.uk said:

Hi Lisa,

I would love to connect with and being part of a small group.
I'm just starting this course and it would be lovely to share and/or debrief.

I'm in the UK. I love the Q.A sessions and I find Sean very calming and explaining things very well.

Kind regards,


Hi Ladies, 

Yes, I have been thinking a lot about having a small group of folks to have Peer Support; I think it's something Sean, hopefully, would be open to e. g. even the week he was away, we basically had little support except here; after all  when I was in college we had had a variety of Study Support groups, I know another Student-Teacher was suppose to be compiling a list of folks, yet never seemed to materialize.

Gillian, I know Sean is considering another Zoom group for us....we need the kind of Support when we can meet as a Study group to see how we can support one another outside of our Q & A Sessions.

Hope Sean is open to that...we are Professionals here and it would be nice to have that autonomy here & to accomplish that successfully; there needs to be some trust in that as a group, certainly to make it optional yet, at least to begin a Process for that...Again, we dont get to really know one another outside of the Q & A's....food for thought; what do others think & feel about it?

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Hey Rick,

Did you see also Molley's note here? (see below) 

I have not heard anything about a second Zoom group. I remember it was mentioned in the past that some were interested in having calls outside of the weekly session but that these would be self-organized. Agreed though, there could be a better process for it. I'm open to ideas to help organize?




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Hey Rick,

Which post above do you want me to have a look at?

The only one I had not yet read is this message from another thread. I will add my comments to it over there, but let me know if there is something else you want me to take a look at.

On 7/19/2021 at 5:29 PM, finestcoaching524@gmail.com said:

Yes, Gillian,

I saw Molley's post; thank you; that sounds viable, yet someone needs to coordinate this...it doesn't seem to be  such "...a logistical nightmare..." if Sean kicked it off IMHO....so time will tell...



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Here's one possible Take-Away too; Molly intends on opening us up to her Meditation in our meeting today;; if we take turns meeting by meeting,

we can give each other Feedback too; you are more than welcome to join us Gillian too,  unless that was not understood,

unless want that creates a confilct of interest for you. I hope Sean would understand you supporting us. Just sayin..

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