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Paris Elliott

Paris’ Introduction

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Paris Elliott & I’m a 🧚🏾Love & Positivity Spreader / 🧘🏾‍♀️200 HR RYT  born in 👶🏽 Chicago ✈️ And currently living in  Baltimore 🏡.

I’m under 5 feet tall 🎤 with a very unique voice🎙.

I enjoy spending time & volunteering with my friends and family; taking classes on self-growth, yoga, and meditation; spreading love every day; & traveling to new places in my free time. My passion in life is to assist as many people as I can while still holding my peaceful energy. In 2019 I  started a journey into self-discovery & used the tools my mother & spiritual family equipped me with to assist others.💕

Being aware of how powerful meditation truly is I made a commitment to teaching anything & everything I learn to my family, friends, & community. In the age of COVID I started sharing self care tips, guided meditations, & exercises on how to combat stress on my social media platforms. Now I strive to assist others in their healing journey as well as connecting the world with meditation, affirmations, & yoga. 🧚🏾📿🧬💒🌳🌸

I’m so excited ☺️ to be apart of this program to learn more mindfulness techniques  to share with the world. 🌎  

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Hello Paris! Thank you for the introduction, and welcome to the community and to the program 🙂

The age of COVID is truly a unique one, one that requires much self-care. In our most recent guest workshop (which will be posted soon), David Treleaven shared how our Window of Tolerance is (individually and collectively) much narrower than it was before due to the pandemic. Overwhelm comes to us much more easily, so it is very beneficial work that you are doing.

Feel free to jump in on any of the other conversations here in the community. I'd love to hear more about your work, insights, and hopes for this program.

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OMG. Paris; Gillian could have pointed that out to you...I am so sorry...had you gone to our Calendar, you would have seen it, Paris...which you may have not been aware of; my faux pas!! In the Future...my Passcode is always, "Mindful"; let me post it as Google Docs...bear with me!!

When I have it posted. I will be sure to let you know, ok? Again, my apologies...in the future, always check our Calendar...


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