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Hello everyone, my name is Sandra known as Sandy. 

I am French and left France at age 21 to move to UK where I stayed 12 years and did my Batchelor Honours in Business and did many jobs from bar manager to health care, childminder, make up representative, fostering, shop assistant and teacher. Then I moved to Belgium at age 33 and I am now 49 and still residing in Belgium although my heart has never been here. So this year I am focusing on building my online business and moving to where my heart is taking me which is the island of crete in Greece where I have been going at least 4 times a year if not 15 for the past 9 years and where I feel home.

I carry a heavy background although I am grateful for those experiences as they made me the person I am today. I was taken away from my parents at 11 months old due their constant violence between them, was put in foster home and grown in 1 of them for 16 years then thrown on the street at age 18 for being a rebellious teenager having suffered sexual abuse for a length of time in that foster home with the grandfather (to this date they are still no aware of this abuse). I finished high school at age 21 (I retook 2 years due to learning difficulties) and decided to stop my studies because I was working every day to support myself financially for my studies and ended up in hospital for 3 months paralysed as my body was totally exhausted. So I decided to travel backpacking and hitchhiking and went to England where I met the father of my beautiful and adorable daughter who is 25 today. The relationship unfortunately became a physical abusive relationship in which I stayed because violence to me was just normal as we were daily smacked and whipped in the foster home. When my daughter at age 2 said the following words "Mummy not happy", I decided it was time to walk away and having grown without parents, I decided to stay close to her father so she could grow with her father rather than taking her away. However, he never contributed financially to her welfare and I then met another British man 8 years later based in Belgium in NATO who asked me to move in with him. I toke my chance as my dream was to build a loving family. This man volunteered to go to Afghanistan within 3 months of me and my daughter moving with him to support us financially and he returned 4 months later with our  relationship taking a different turn. We tried for 5 years to make it work and even consulted a therapist but the damage was done. My daughter being 16, I gave her the choice to stay in Belgium or move to France. She chose the 1st one because she had met a boy, so I stayed although I wanted to leave Belgium. Me and my daughter were always very close until this boy started having a really negative influence on her and she started to miss school, steal from me for him and her behaviour totally changed, smoking weeds, running away from home sometimes up to a week, having civil police looking for her on the street because she was only 16. I lost my daughter and our relationship was a total disaster. She hated me and being alone in Belgium with no family to turn to at the exception of long adored 47 years best friend, I felt useless and powerless, started to lack confidence  and believed I was a terrible mother. 3 years later she left this boy because she was unhappy and whilst on holiday in Greece he had physically abused her. Within a week of leaving him, she met another boy who had just came out of jail and manipulated her to the point of stopping her seeing me for 3 months when they moved in together for a year. We had to hide to meet. This relationship also lasted 3 years during which this boy went back to jail 2 times. During their time living together, he had thrown her on the street in the middle of the night because they had argued and physically punched each other and finally went back to jail for the third time which was aimed at 5 years and reduced to 3 due COVID. I helped her moved out of the house she was living in to move back home with me in a safe and healthy and warm environment. Since then we have rebuilt our relationship and became stronger than ever before and today our love remains and we embrace every moment. In her heart, I am her role model and her hero and she is for me a gift and I learn so much from my beautiful baby. I am so grateful for all the experiences with her as it helps me to help other parents and teenagers overcome their own family struggles. My daughter now lives in Greece, she felt the urge to move when her ex told her he was coming for her and made her believe he was coming out of jail. My daughter has been in Greece for 3 years and this year I am working very hard to accomplish my goal to move there and be closer to her and live in a place my heart takes me. Her ex boyfriend is now out of jail and back in touch with her. I am confident that she will make the right choice.

I started my teaching journey at age 21 teaching French after school with children and 2 years later qualified as a lecturer and started to also teach adults at age 23. I restarted my studies at age 33 and completed my Batchelor Honours  at 37 years old whilst being a single mum and working full time. Since being in Belgium, I have teaching full time at the International school and met so many wonderful people from all over the world who have been my rock during all the hard times. I teach children in day and continue my teaching with young adults and adults after school. I love teaching and it is a passion for me. 

My mission now is to help as many people overcome their stress, anxiety and guide them towards a journey of self compassion and self love. 

Mindfulness is fairly new to me, in fact I was not aware it existed until last year when I started my journey in Mindset and NLP Practitioner as I lost my motivation for a couple of years and this is how I stumbled across Mindfulness. Although not one for meditation as I had never meditated before then, I am absolutely loving the self awareness process of the entire Body and Mind and really started to deepen my understanding and knowledge of what Mindfulness is about and is not about. 

I am loving Mindfulness, some of the techniques are so powerful and only take minutes to apply and the most important for me is that I am able to apply it to myself and since practicing it daily I am noticing a shift in my thoughts process and noticing a sense of calmness towards myself and others. Everyday I am discovering something new and today I firmly believe in my ambitions, personal and business self growth

I have found my life purpose and currently working on building my online business using Mindfulness and NLP. I am excited to be on this journey. I signed up for this course and had the blessing to chat with Sean which I truly admire back in November and starting the modules this month as I am also in 3 other programs to build my business and still teaching full time. I am aiming to complete this course by end of May.

Despite my life being crazily busy, I now love it. I am happy to get up daily and I get up to enjoy the day ahead and look forward to my Mindfulness practice. What I love the most though is that I am now able to embrace all challenges non judgementally (most of the time) and despite having such a full life, I am appreciating everyday and living my life with happiness.

I look forward to my progress and truly excited to the wonderful outcomes.


and wishing you all a blessed journey

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Hello Sandy, 

Welcome to the program and to our community here! My name is Gillian. I am the moderator for the forum and can support you by answering any questions you have (or directing you to someone who has the answers) as you go through the program.

I am deeply touched by your story, Sandy. You and your family have been through a lot and I admire your strength and resiliency. I have no doubt that your history will bring a wealth of compassion and insight to your offerings (now and in the future).

There is so much flexibility now as to where and how to teach. What a beautiful dream to move to Crete. I was there a couple of years ago after a half-year house-sitting stay on the small island of Karpathos (just east of Crete). It is indeed a beautiful place.

Keep us posted on your journey through the program. Wishing you well!

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