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Hello, from Bristol, UK

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Hi, I'm Steph

I've just joined the Mindfulness Mastermind.  Due to Covid_19 I've been granted the rare opportunity to sit in thought and contemplation and signing up for this teacher training course is the result.  It's something I've wondered about for a while, but as a consequence of being able to spend longer periods of time practicing meditation I have come to appreciate it's importance to me, and I would love to share that.

In an ideal world I'd like to go into schools on a voluntary basis to teach Mindfulness to students or staff.  I used to be a teacher, so am aware of the pressure on staff and students in educational settings.  Other than that, I would like to set up an online programme, as I switch between Bristol and Portugal throughout the year.  

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Hello Steph! Lovely to meet you. 

I, too, have found an opportunity during this pandemic to reflect more. I am grateful for the chance to slow down.

Those are wonderful aspirations! I also feel the importance of bringing mindfulness to school settings. Would an online program be catered towards teachers/students as well or be more general in nature?

Looking forward to connecting again!

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Hi Gillian,

Sorry for the slow response, I had a technical glitch.

I think I'd probably be as keen to cater for the teachers.  Teaching in the UK is not a pleasant experience at the moment, sadly.  
For online, probably more general, so that I could do it from either location and not be tied down to a specific place.  We'll see how  it all goes.  Who knows, how it will all pan out!  


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