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Heather Gallagher

Recommendations For Beginner wanting next step

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Hello all!

I have a friend who has become interested in meditation, and has meditated a little bit on and off.  However, we spoke recently and he is looking for recommendations... I think he is looking for a connection to spirituality, self-awareness, self-improvement, but new to exploring this aspect. I was thinking loving kindness meditations, breath awareness, but was wondering if anyone could recommend additional resources or meditations, or even specific meditations for a beginner... but looking to take it further. I have resources in mind, but welcome any feedback. Thank you!

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Great question Heather. The first thing I will point you to is the 'Beginner Basics' section on the Mindfulness Exercises site - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/mindfulness-exercises-for-beginners/

This would be a good place to send him if he wants to just browse and see what peaks his interest.

As for specific meditations, I like your idea of loving-kindness practice (Tonglen could be nice as well). Breath awareness practices, body scans, and gratitude exercises could be a great start, too. Here are a few ideas:

Gratitude by Oren J. Sofer

Quick Body Scan by Tara Brach

Tonglen by Ruth King

He could also look into the FitMind meditation app. It is free here for members of the program, but I think others need to pay for the app (a free trial might be available). That would be a great way for him to explore a variety of different techniques in a nice succession.

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Sure, Heather, Welcome aboard!

Come to my Free Live Meditation tonite, on Zoom: 7:30PM/CDT; it is a great Beginners Group too:


https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindful-meditation-being-still-tickets-136854420255 >>It's all about, "Being Still"!! The Password is: Mindful.

Hope you can make it!!!




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