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Gillian Florence

Christopher Germer - Self-Compassion

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Hello community! Yesterday was Christopher Germer's workshop on self-compassion, which was really touching (for those that missed it, I will post the link to the replay when it is up).

In the meantime, for those that joined in, feel free to share any reflections, experiences, or questions that might have arisen in regards to his teachings and the practices we explored together.

One thing I found interesting (though not surprising) was that 78% of people (I think that was the number) find it easier to be compassionate towards others than to themselves. It's quite high but does seem very common (at least from my own experience and discussions with friends and family). 

I also really liked the short exercise where Christopher invited us to compare how we would react to someone we love who was having a hard time vs. how we would react to ourselves. In my own practice, it felt like I was 'closing in/shutting down' on myself, vs. tenderly 'leaning into' the suffering of another person. It's a really wonderful reminder to tend to ourselves the way we would a loved one.

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I enjoyed the talk. Currently, I am learning to attend to my harsh, inner critic. I come to this practice off and on, and Christopher Germer's talk reminded me of the importance. 

I really resonate with the idea that a majority of us (70%+) care for others, and can extend compassion to others before caring for themselves with that same level of kindness and compassion. During a retreat over the holidays, I attended several practices of the Four Immeasurable-s. The only way I could attend to my own self-compassion was by feeling into the compassion I had for others (people who are close to me, friends, neighbors/neutral others, then myself, and then my "enemies.")  

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