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NEXT LIVE WORKSHOP – Liam McClintock – The Neuroscience of Craving & Samadhi – Wed. May 18th (Link in Dashboard) ×
Lena Kim

Does anyone have the correct, direct link to the Mumford Workshop?

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Yes, it worked for the earlier session at 11 am.  Simply by clicking. So I would find that strange if it would work for one and not another.  Im so upset. I ran home and rescheduled a client to be live for this one.  

and I can't seem to get a response.  Maybe there is a better way to get direct help when we need it, so we dont lose out on the education.


I am sorry you struggled as well.  If i hear anything different, ill let you know!


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Hello all! Katie and Lena, I am so sorry to hear that you weren't able to get in. As I am on Stockholm time, I am not seeing your messages about this until now. Lena, did you hear back from Kaila? If I am ever not online for urgent questions, you can also email support@mindfulnessexercises.com or Sean as well. Since Kaila and Sean are active in the community less often, I would suggest sending an email to all three of us for urgent matters such as getting into the group calls. Private message me if you need my own email or Sean's.

Rick, were you present for the workshop with George today? 

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Hi Gillian,

Yes, I was connected; y'all missed a Positive-power-packed session with George!

Unfortunately, I spotted Katie and Lena message after the fact...and felt bad...since I was available the last time for Katie...hmmm.iI am puzzled.

It's always hard when we don't know what Op. Systems folks have to even begin to understand the precise issues...I have an Idea..

What if I scheduled a dry run Zoom call, though we can choose to chat about whatever is in your Heart & Mind, so it's not a wasted Zoom...up to you Folks...would you join us...

what do you all think? I see it's 5:36 your time, Gillian...Katie, where RU? And Lena, where are you?

so let me know, I am in McKinney, TX, USA..:) CDT.

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