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Resources for Retreats and Other Online Meditation Programs

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Great question Amy - and interesting you should ask this as I just came across a listing today for a Winter Solstice online retreat with Donald Rothberg:



Here are some calendars to find listings of other online mindfulness retreats over the coming months:




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Anyone who wants to attend Diana Winston's Thursday Free Meditations at 2:30PM/CDT here is the Link; you must Register:



It's happening in approx 15 Mins. Sorry, Gillian, Ive been meanign to get it on the calendar...not sure if it was allowing me to do so:(

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Hi Folks,


I hope more Folks take advantage here: I wanted to post my Podcast before I was ever aware of our Program here;

Gillian, for the benefit of others, can we have a separate Topic of Podcasts?

Anyway, here is my "Global Mindful Meditation Education"? I had not done any Podcasts recently,

though I will be beginning to focus more on Meditations. I did one one or more...I have to research more; here's the Link:


Would love to hear feedback...now there are 17 Podcasts, so just an FYI...Hope y'all enjoy, please share with others...I would love to entertain doing a Podcast with others here,

call it a Dual Mindful Meditation!

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Hi Gillian, Folks...

I wanted to delete the previous Event I scheduled...could not see how to do that on the Request in the calendar, so I am posting the Edited version of my Meditation....wish more could see this:


As you can tell by the Link, I am Hosting this Free First Mindful Meditation taken from our Script on: "Being Still"...I hope you all Sign up! I have posted other Notices on Facebook, maybe Linkedin, even...Hope Folks come; I would welcome critiques too; this is how we all Learn from one another.

Thanks...FYI, Gillian..I tried to delete the Initial Request in Calendar...could not see how to delete, please inform us how to do that...Thanks.




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