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Gillian Florence

What is on your heart today?

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This week's question asks:

What is on your heart today?

Without diving into narratives, can you feel into what your heart is experiencing in this moment? This might shift throughout the day, or even in a single moment it can hold paradox. Feel free to share any words or sentiments that reflect how your heart is feeling.

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On 11/30/2020 at 10:13 PM, finestcoaching524@gmail.com said:

So, another question...do we earn any any Meditation credits that we do for ourselves...attending to any Meditations, by Practitioners?


I have been doing Meditations daily...I'm sort of at a loss since I dont have any Clients yet...just trying to clarify..


Hey Rick,

Attending meditations by other teachers and other forms of daily practice are definitely to be noted. These go in your Meditation Log (the first link on this page). You need to log 40 hours as part of the certification requirements.

16 hours ago, njmintzer8@gmail.com said:

Love, optimism,  yesterday sadness and uncertainty,  its amazing how your energy changes when you focus on your heart center & remember that you are a beautiful being of love and light 

May you stay in peace in this moment

Absolutely Nancy! When I tune into the heart, the belly naturally softens (as does any subtle fight-or-flight response I'm carrying). Very helpful!

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