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Hello from Connecticut!

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Hello Friends!

My name is Alisa Wissell and I am so happy to be a part of this group!

I grew up in Westchester County NY, a suburb 40 minutes out of NYC. However, I moved over the border to Connecticut 21 years ago with my husband. We have a daughter who is currently a High School Junior. 

In NY, I was a grades 5/6/7/ teacher of ELA and SS. I resigned when I had my daughter to stay home with her but went back to the district several times over the years to cover temporary leave positions. It was during this time of return that I noticed a sharp increase in the amount of stress, focus, and lack of behavior compared to my students in the late 90s to 2003. It was also a time of adjusting to the new Common Core curriculum, smartphones, etc. which I strongly feel added to student stress emotionally, socially, academically and physically. As someone who discovered yoga 17 years ago and saw the huge impact it had on my life, I thought that it was something I could have benefited from when I was growing up. This sparked my passion of sharing the amazing benefits of yoga and mindfulness with kids. I created a mobile yoga company called, One Love Yoga, where I teach adult yoga workshops and classes as well as yoga and mindfulness for kids. Several years ago I taught after school at the elementary schools, but this past year I have taught yoga and mindfulness as part of my daughter's high school's gym program for juniors and seniors. I was also asked to be the yoga teacher for the Varsity football team this fall so it is exciting to see it being embraced by the schools!

I recently completed mindfulness training through, Mindful Schools, which is  a  leading organization integrating mindfulness in grades k-12 schools. I was asked by the high school's principal to teach at the faculty meeting what mindfulness is (and isn't) as well as self care strategies in mindfulness for teachers.  It was an experience that took me WAY out of my comfort zone being in front of 120 staff members. However, when I presented, I felt like I was in such "flow" and ease and I loved it! In addition, I was going into the high school classrooms to support teachers who wanted me to introduce mindfulness to their students.

I just created a new "branch" of my yoga business called, The Pearl Within, where I will offer presentations and training to school faculty, as well as bringing mindfulness to their classrooms. 

I do not want to pigeon hole myself to just schools and would really love to offer mindfulness to adults privately. I was excited to see this offering because it was more "in reach" for my current tight budget and in a time of  job uncertainty. This is why I am so grateful for this Mindfulness Master Mind Option which allows me to immerse myself a bit more so I can deepen my training.

I want people to discover the power of mindfulness so they may attain a wonderful ripple effect in all areas of their life, as well as discovering their true power, which is always found WITHIN.

 I also LOVE going to the coast where I always find inner peace. I  love animals, walking in nature and learning about all things spiritual and how we are all truly connected!

I look forward to meeting all of you!

~Alisa Wissell



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Hello Alisa! Wonderful to meet you in this community. Your work sounds very inspiring and is absolutely heartwarming. I often feel concerned about the impact of smartphones and social media on youth, but it really does seem like there are so many programs all around the world that are bringing mindfulness to school students. Just a couple of months ago I was involved with a school here in Stockholm during their 'wellness week'. I held about 17 classes over the course of that week and the students really seemed to love it. It was interesting to see how their energy really shifted after about 15/20 minutes of yoga.

It's great that you've stumbled upon the Mastermind. Have you had a chance to watch any of the playbacks from past workshops?

Looking forward to connecting with you more here!

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