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Hello Sean, Gillian, and Community,

My name is Claire; I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am really enjoying this teaching course both for the material and the reinforced commitment to my own mindfulness practice. I am new to mindfulness teaching but I have worked to help others over the last 15 or so years. Mindfulness and meditation have personally helped me cope with some of the most stressful periods of my adult life; I wish to  learn more about sharing this practice with others to help those in stressful/traumatic situations. Most recently, I became a licensed massage therapist to help others cope with stress and trauma through bodywork, however that endeavor has been put on hold due to covid. Instead I am looking forward to using this course to continue my mindfulness education and incorporate this training into my future work.  I may also be returning to active duty in 2021 after a sabbatical and plan to offer mindfulness courses to help my duty station personnel better cope with stress. 

I have been slowly reading the introductions and attending Sean's weekly sessions as able - thank you to everyone who has shared their goals and experiences. I am very honored to be on this journey with you. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Hi Claire! Great to see you in this community as well. This one is dedicated to members of the program while the other one is a larger mindfulness community open to all.

It's great to hear a bit about your background. I was wondering, based on your post on emotions in the other community, if you had an anatomy background. I guess the massage training and military work has greatly enhanced your understanding of the body?



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