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Gillian Florence

What is your preferred mindfulness practice this week?

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This week's question asks:

What is your preferred mindfulness practice this week?

Do you tend to stick with a single mindfulness or meditation practice all the time? Or do you rotate through different practices? In either case, let us know what you've been practicing this week. I have felt a call towards more silent practices whereas previously I was practicing mantra meditation, yoga, and listening to guided practices. Something in me is longing for quiet formal meditation. What are you feeling drawn towards?

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In order to fully learn the proper language, I prefer to be lead by the apps I listen to, and to Sean Fargo, of course,  and others more qualified than me...

I love to use the Healthy Minds App. & UCLA Mindful App. provided by the Mindful Awareness Research Center, (MARC); perhaps a silent Treat down the road...I know my Aunt, when alive,  was a Catholic Nun

who participated in Silent Retreats occasionally. As previously stated, Diana Winston, the Director of Education @ MARC, provides weekly Virtual Mediations every Thursday at 2:30PM/CDT. Yesterday, there were over 500 Global Folks 

who participated in her Meditation! She is very popular & respected.

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This week , I have been drawn to more silent meditation.During these times, I reach for this book -Karuna : one of the most beautiful branches of Reiki by Sandra & Jorge Ramos. There is a beautiful meditation: I am, and I feel well, here and now. Om Shanti. It brings great peace. 

From my journaling: 

Today just breathe...

       Allow this beautiful breath to fill your senses,

             Bringing awareness to the moment.

Today just love...

      Allow this beautiful love to fill your senses

           Bringing compassion to the moment.

Today just be

 Be with your breath. Be with your love. 









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I am working on a Zoom one for Thanksgiving on Gratitude from Sean's Exercizes;

gee, I just thought of a Great older Son, The Promise of Living by Aaron Copeland; see it on: Aaron Copeland, an American Compser; I sang this in the Chor many years ago!

it well worth listening to...lessons for all of us!!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Stay tuned for my Zoom Announcement!!



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