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Certification Process Beginning!

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Hi! I am just needing a bit of clarification on to the steps and process I take 

to have the best and most successful/beneficial experience in the cert process.

I just finished working as a lead coach for a coaching academy & our outline was 

very clear and direct.  I have no issues at all navigating a new system/way of being

for a program. I just think I might be making some errors.


Can you help guide me?


1. On those forms, I can't write in the spaces to write, how do I change this?

2. What videos go hand in hand with that fundamentals workbook?

3. what did you wish you knew when you started, to make this an easier process?


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Hi Katie!!!

Welcome aboard, so sorry for your Losses! i just lost a Best Friend to Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, so YANA, You Are Not Alone!

 I speak with some little experience, except to say, I had similar Problems with saving my workbook; I am still a WIP-a Work in Progress;

now I know I got suggestions that did not seem to be helpful as I know we all have different Operating Systems; if you have an Apple, I saved my Workbook to

Icloud, and that way as you perform your Lessons, make sure to save each time; when You do, Icloud will ask you replace your previous Workbook & say yes...that is assuming you have Apple...

so be very careful to save each time; hope that Helps! Just take it one step at a time...go to our Dashboard: 


for Periodic updates, Sean does a weekly check in with a Virtual Q & A...there is one


Sean Fargo

Wednesday, November 4 - 11am PST / 2pm EST

Your Zoom Link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86212966262

Hope to see you there!

Again, welcome! 


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Hi Katie! I hope Rick's input was helpful for you. I will add a couple of things:

The first thing in regards to not being able to type into the boxes - have you first downloaded it to your computer? You won't be able to type into it until you have a copy on your computer and can work with the PDF there.

Secondly, the videos that correspond with each lesson are clickable here. So when you go through the workbook, navigate to the lesson you are on and watch the video in that section. Let me know if you are able to find that and if you have any further questions 🙂 

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My life prior to personal growth/development was an actress,  improviser and comic. A decade of being quirky and in front of others.  Shy isn't in my DNA. hahahahah Actually, my entire family hates attention and my sister has social anxiety haha. So black sheep, and proud of it!  

Being exactly who we are and as we were created to be is the gift we all need to honor and step into. ❤️ 

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