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Just got here! Hi! Introductio

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Hello Everyone! I am Katie. Currently in So Cal USA and relocating soon! (an unexpected adventure in itself). 

I am SO EXCITED to get started in this certification process & to embody even more of the mindfulness work

myself as my life is changing.  I have been working as a transformation coach and speaker for the last 8 years. 

I have a few different certifications for coaching, as well as I became a practitioner in reiki I/II, EFT, NLP and more.


I live with chronic illnesses, have beaten terminal illness, lost my hubs to suicide, endured assault & infertility.  I am 

COMMITTED to bringing this work to all these communities to encourage and support healing in a healthy manner.


I am a very open book, transparent, authentic and will always share my vulnerability.  I would rather help others by 

sharing than keep a "safe image" by not. 


For anyone that has advice, send it my way! I love learning and always strive to be better and do more. 

Introduce yourself when you can!  Much Love Katie 

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Hi Katie,

Thank you for this touching introduction. I am sorry to hear of your loss and the challenges you have been through. I am sure you have so much to offer to others. 

I value your openness and authenticity and look forward to hearing more about your insight and experiences. When did you first come to mindfulness?

If you have any questions about the program, reach out at anytime. I am here to help!

With gratitude,

Chief Support Officer

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