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  1. When I read this it caused me to pause. I realize that I don’t really have a specific long-term vision at this point in my life. My general vision is to bring people into my life that I truly feel I connect with. I’m in somewhat of a dry spell. I’m looking to be inspired to head down new pads. I enjoy my friends I currently have but feel that they don’t bring out my full personality. My vision for the world is that people would be able to pause to look inside and to be honest about who they are. Sometimes the world feels too busy and when things get busy it seems to deaden our soul. I’m glad I discovered Mindfulness because for me it has helped me to go inside and to be honest with myself. I see how beneficial it is to me and want to see others discover that same richness. I also think some people are afraid to go in and look at themselves. And that’s not crazy because it can be scary. Being scared is OK. Sometimes we find things within our self that we wish weren’t there. The best thing we can do is friend them and understand them. It’s hard to think 10 20 or 30 years From now. With these uncertain times for me I’m just seeing what the next few months spring. My hope is that we can start to resolve the racial injustice in America and have a country that truly cares about all of its citizens. My vision I would also say is that we would look to science and reason and not fall into politics and scare tactics to create the world.
  2. For me mindfulness has helped me be more aware of my emotions and how they affect me. I don’t have to get wrapped up in all my emotions anymore. I realize that I am not my emotions. Mindfulness helps me to understand them by taking a step back and asking questions and observing. If I’m having a down day or feeling angry about something I can sit down and ask what is the source. Is the anger necessary and can I let the anger go. If I’m just feeling down mindfulness can help me see if there is some thing that is causing me to have a more blue mood. Maybe I just sit with the mood and be there or maybe I need to go out for a walk. Mindfulness helps me to know what I need to do to take care of myself.
  3. Right now they’re all in one document. I wrote the question and then added the answer after the question. I was hoping to cut and paste the page into the document but it didn’t work very well. Right now I’m using Pages but I’m pondering trying other wordprocessing programs. Maybe Google docs or investing in word 360. Let me know if you find one that you can cut and paste the pages in could success are that you come up with a good method. If I find something I like I will let you know as well.
  4. I’m having the same problem. I like to work on my iPad. I contacted the helpdesk and they basically told me I had to save and make a new copy every time I added something. I’ve started with a separate document putting my answers on that document. I wish I could just work right into the workbook. I want to add more thoughts if they come up for more ideas. I don’t want to have to Save and make a whole new copy each time I add a sentence. If you figure out how you can work in the workbook and be more flexible just leave a post. I want to know also.
  5. It’s evening right now for me. I just got done meditating and I’m feeling quite peaceful and relaxed. I am happy because I bought a new outfit for yoga today. I had the day off and did a little shopping.
  6. Thank you for that list. It will be helpful in my practice. It’s always good to reflect on what need I am trying to fill during a reaction to something. It’s also good to be aware of others’ needs as well. The more I thought about your response I think it is more important than ever to start exploring the underlying needs I am trying to meet with my reactions. It’s another way for Mindfulness can help us better understand who we are. I know many times I get frustrated in conversations when I’m not feeling heard. I start to get upset if I feel the person doesn’t hear me. I need to find a way where I can step back in the conversation and communicate that better to the person.
  7. Social media is great to keep up with acquaintances and groups that were in and special interests. I also like it for keeping in contact with friends is who have moved away. I do agree I don’t find much intimacy with people on social media. It’s more like a playground where we go to have fun and meet up with people we haven’t seen in a while. We could also find a fun event. As far as intimacy goes I can’t see it happening for myself. I need that personal interaction. It’s good to know how to use a resource wisely. I think social media is a great way to connect with people to create opportunities to meet new friends and connect with old ones. I think mindfulness can help us to understand what is good about the different tools we have to use in life. Mindfulness can Help us see when were using them incorrectly or another way to say it unproductively are even damaging.
  8. Thanks for bringing this up. I’m equally as frustrated and limit my time on these social media networks. My purpose for going on them is to connect with friends. I choose my news networks and rarely stray from them. I would rather trust my new source. I too would love a platform where people could freely discuss things and not have to worry about bullies. For me less is more. If I had a recommendation it would be be mindful about what you consume, how it affects you and most importantly is it factual is it true.
  9. I think this is an ongoing conversation we need to have regularly. I’m not sure if I have any specific tools but For me mindfulness can help me understand my own feelings around an issue. I also am more aware of my triggers by practicing mindfulness. For me when I understand my emotions and my triggers I can better understand others. My biggest challenge is helping others to see their triggers and their emotions when things become charged.
  10. I was on the call last week. Thanks for reminding me about the meditation. I want to do that one again. I’m not sure if I ever did that meditation but I found it really valuable. I would like to do it a few more times because sometimes the first time you do I Meditation you don’t feel the full benefits of it.
  11. I wish I could be more specific on who inspired me to start exploring mindfulness. For me it was just getting a little nuggets of information and starting to put those little nuggets together. I just found that I started to enjoy the mindfulness practices and found great benefit from it. Some thing that I do for myself is on occasion reflect on my reaction to things and ask myself what is the motive behind my response and why did I react in such away. I contribute that practice to being my discovery of mindfulness. I started this at a Young age. I also found myself attracted to the mind body exercises of yoga and Pilates. So for me I would have to say it was a gradual concept that as I grow older becomes more and more important. With all the recent events happening around COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd mindfulness is going to become even more and more essential to survive these times.
  12. My thoughts today around it connected to Mindfulness. As we grow in being more mindful we know when we need to take time to process emotions and when it’s time to be grateful. As we grow even more in Mindfulness we can start to be more understanding of where others are at and support them and their needs as well as where they are at in the process of dealing with emotions. For me mindfulness helps me take a step back and take a breath before responding to others in need.
  13. I felt extremely drawn to the gratitude workshop. I’m just at the beginning but had an interesting revolution and insight about myself. A concern about gratitude came up evolving around miss use or dysfunctional use of gratitude in my past. Thought of being pressured into being grateful before I was ready to when dealing with things that concerns me or that I was upset about. I felt that many times in my life I was forced to go to being grateful rather than being honored for where I was presently at in my emotional state. I generally am a positive person that looks on the bright side of situations. I achieve that by personally allowing myself to be angry and sad and feel the emotions and letting them be there as they are. When I do that I can let them go when they’re done and then move to seeing the positive. Times when I was forced to be grateful and moved to gratitude before I was done with the less desirable emotions will say I felt devalued and not heard. I did not realize the emotions were attached to gratitude. My other concern about gratitude is that sometimes I have except situation where the presenter being sappy or unauthentic when presenting gratitude as a practice. I would be interested to hear if others have a similar experience around gratitude.
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