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  1. Hello all, I am brand new to the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program and am very excited to be here and learn! Among many other things, I am a certified Life Coach - technically a Love and Authenticity Practitioner.. My practice is called "The Lavender Moon" and I focus on mindful wellness of the mind (meditations) , body (fitness) and spirit/soul (intuitive life coaching). Helping others is my purpose work and and happiest when I am helping others heal, let go of their limiting beliefs and programming and shift to living their true authentic self. I was an athlete most of my life so total wellness has always been a strong part of my life. Not just the physical part but the mental and emotional part as well. Really understanding, being completely aware of and connecting with your whole self - from the food you put in your body, the thoughts you choose, the people you surround yourself with, and the movement way you choose to exercise and physically move. And most importantly, being here now. Being present; not letting life just happen to you. I have meditated most of my life in various ways and early on, I didn't know that the deep breaths and repetitive phrases I would say to myself to focus and prepare myself to do my best in an important gymnastics meet, was meditation. The amount of focus and concentration that is needed is incredible, and my form of meditation was always what worked for me. Skip ahead a few decades, and I have been drawn to serve and share this all with others. I have recorded several meditations already and shared them with others and am beginning to create them for meditation platforms. But I want to learn so much more. Growth is a critical part of who I am and when I saw this program, I couldn't join fast enough. I love how the Universe unfolds. So I am excited to explore mindfulness like never before- learning and growing and then being able to not only share this with others but teach others as well. Looking forward to connecting with you all. I am indeed grateful.
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