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  1. HI Kelly, I think that is a great idea. Let's connect!!! tanatalk@outlook.com is my email address. I look forward to learning together. Have a beautiful day Tana
  2. Thank you all for the welcome. I wrote, Wings To Soar: A Mindful Guide to Parenting. I am thoroughly enjoying this course already. It was definitely a sign to join and become a part of this. I am very grateful and looking forward to "meeting". more people. Hope you are all having a lovely day. Tana
  3. My name is Tana and I am very grateful for this opportunity. I feel like I lead a double life. By day I am a supervisor in social services and at night an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. I am also a published author. I am getting close to retiring and I want to do more meaningful work. My spirit and soul are fuelled by helping women heal and step into their power. Meditation has played a huge role in my health and wellness journey as well as helping others. Sharing all the benefits that meditation has to offer is so exciting to me. I enrolled in this program because I want to deepen my practice and I have sensed a pull/push from the universe to increase my knowledge and skills, so here I am. I am honoured to be in a space with so many lovely, talented people. I look forward to learning with all of you and spreading some love and creating inner peace. Tana
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