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  1. How do I get this course on my phone?
  2. Dawna Poole

    Dawna Poole

  3. I have been interested in Mindfulness for a few years now. I am self-educated, however did take a 6 week class last spring with the Koru Mindfulness group. I am a full-time nursing instructor and lead a Pre-Test Mindfulness Class (PTMC) that is an optional 10 minute elective that our nursing students can do prior to their nursing exams. I love doing it and the students that attend really get usefulness out of it. I am also a nursing student in my Doctor of Nursing (DNP) Practice. It is a four year program, and I am in year two. My doctoral dissertation will be on (hopefully) the mindfulness class I teach for my nursing students and how it is effective to decrease the nursing student's anxiety, thus increase test scores. Part of the program is that I have to do X amount of, what is called, "clinical hours." I sought approval from my academic advisors to have this mindfulness course be used as some of my clinical hours. Yea! I can "kill two birds with one stone," so to speak. This course will give me increased knowledge and credibility to teach mindfulness at my school of nursing and, personally advance my educational career. I have a lot of balls up in the air, but I am sure that we all do. I am so very happy to be here and become friends with you all. Dawna
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