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  1. My dreams start with one-to-one training, then group guiding and teaching, and then lead retreats. I particularly would like to lead wellness retreats that also include healthy eating and yoga! Your question inspires me to map out a vision!
  2. But is the process of Compassionate Inquiry itself Psychotherapy though? I know each State defines psychotherapy differently and in Kansas' statute #65-5802 article B defines it as "...assisting an individual or group for a fee, monetary or otherwise, through counseling, assessment, consultation and referral and includes the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders..." and of those activities listed (as defined by that statute) only part of the activity of the "referral" process (that means the evaluation of information to identify problems) happens in Compassionate Inquiry. Not saying that we as Mindfulness Teachers should do this process (I do not advocate mixing disciplines - especially any that is a State licensed process). Just asking the question in a way that more clearly identifies boundaries by first mapping the territory to stay out of first. P.S. for reference of this discussion: https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch65/065_058_0002.html AND if I have not identified the professional activity of Psychotherapy as "Professional Counseling" here too is the link to Statutes in Kansas that govern Behavioral Sciences: https://ksbsrb.ks.gov/reg-stats/ksbsrb-statutes P.S.S. Not attachment to the answer just seeking an exploration. Thanks in advance for the mindful discourse.
  3. I started listening to In The Realms of Hungry Ghosts today. Wow. Thank you Marian and Gillian for the referral.
  4. It was amazing, however, I was unprepared for how triggered I would be. I didn't realize how much I fawn when difficult conversations are being had. When people were sharing the feeling of wanting to sooth other people with a smile and nodding my head in hopes that if they saw me, they felt understood. About half way though I stopped the urge to "fix" anything and just allowed the deep personal pain that was shared to just arise in my own system. Every single person that shared - shared something I too had experienced at some point or with some person. I am very interested in learning/delving more into the mirror concept that Dr. Mate spoke of. I think I have a completely different understanding of that teaching after the deep shares. I have a tremendous gratitude for Sean to have given us this incredible opportunity. I will be mindfully working with these feelings and become more aware of their origin for quite some time.
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