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  1. Hi Gillian, Here's what I've done to get organized. I'm using Evernote to organize all of the information I'll need to complete the program. So I have a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification "notebook stack" that includes the following notebooks - - Certification - Getting Started - Lesson Notes - Journal - Online Sleep Course (because I've been having issues with insomnia) Within each notebook are relevant "notes," e.g. I have a note for each Lesson in the Fundamentals course. The Journal notebook lets me record thoughts and ideas that may arise day to day as I'm moving through the program. In the Certification notebook, I have all of the info related to teaching mindfulness (e.g., Training Deep Dives, self-assessment tools). I also have a MMTC folder in Google Drive where I store the Workbook, the Daily Meditation log, and other documents that I have downloaded from the program. Within the MMTC folder, I have folders for the Certification Requirement documents, the brandable curriculum, the lessons, and supplemental material where I store docs on mindfulness that I've found online (I can convert web pages into pdfs). It took a couple of months to figure this out, but it's working pretty well now. Hope it helps. Patrice
  2. Update: I found a pdf to download via a Google search. But if it's possible to download them from the mindfulness exercises website that would be cool. TIA
  3. Hi Gillian, I am looking through the Free Mindfulness E-Books under Downloads at Mindfulnessexercises.com. Are the ebooks actually downloadable or do I have to read them at the website? I've been trying to figure out how to download one so I can save it to the cloud for future reference, but haven't been successful. TIA Patrice
  4. Not sure if this is still happening to you Gillian, but I seem to be doing the exact opposite. I used to be famous for going to bed as late as midnight or 1 am. Now I try to get into bed no later than 11:30 pm and get up around 7:30 am. But my stress levels must be high because getting 6 hours of sleep during those hours has been very difficult. My blood pressure has even gone up. I will say that being sedentary doesn't help so am trying to be more active during the day. I almost need to wear myself out in order to sleep well.
  5. Hi Gillian, I just remembered that I purchased the brandable curriculum, so I am reviewing that now; it looks like it has what I was looking for with respect to strategies. I also purchased A Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness. I'm finding it extremely helpful. But I did follow your suggestions and actually came up with some "strategies" for teaching the attitudes. So thanks for those prompts. I have so many resources at my disposal through this training program, and I find I have to slow down a bit more to take it all in and organize it. My practicing a little more patience would probably come in handy right about now
  6. Yes, it helps. Thanks Gillian. I may have to come back to this exercise once I have a better handle what's involved in teaching mindfulness. I want to first understand and practice mindfulness for myself before I can think about how to teach it.
  7. I started Lesson 3 today, and one of the workbook exercises is to come up with "teaching strategies" for teaching the 9 mindfulness attitudes (e.g., beginner's mind, trust, acceptance). Is there somewhere in the course where information on "teaching strategies" is presented, i.e. what they are, how to use them in the classroom? There is a resource called "Training Deep Dives." Would info on strategies be found there? I'm thinking that we have to be introduced to teaching strategies that are available, especially if we don't have much teaching experience, before we can talk about how we plan to use them to teach these concepts. Thanks in advance. Patrice
  8. Aloha Gillian! Thanks so much for the welcome. I believe it was you who sent me an email asking how I was doing. I accidentally sent it to trash before I could read it and haven't been back here since I wrote the introduction. I'm really enjoying the training, have supplemented it with Mindfulness for Dummies, as well as all of the supplemental info you guys are providing. The weekly email from Sean is especially informative. I'm still getting my feet wet and look forward to taking a closer look at the forum. I'm sure I'll find invaluable information and support there as well. Mahalo nui loa ("A very big thank you"), Patrice
  9. Hey Everyone, I purchased the certification program a week and a half ago, right before I took a short vacay on the Big Island to visit friends. What an experience that was! Now, I'm ready to start the program and am introducing myself as a first ... well, second step. One of the other things I did was establish a structure on Evernote and in Google Drive to keep all of the info I know I'm going to accumulate organized. A semi-retired boomer originally from Washington, DC, I have been living in Hawaii for 14 years. My daughter came to Oahu to go to college and decided to stay. So of course, what's a mother to do for her only child but to join her? I'm also a long-time meditator, having first learned TM in the 70s when it was all the rage. My meditation journey has grown and evolved over the years, and now I'm ready to share it and mindfulness with others. I figured this program is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my passion for meditation with my experience as a trainer to help planetary consciousness evolve. evolve. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you. Patrice p.s. photo was taken at the beach near the North Shore of Oahu.
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