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  1. My vision that lead me to this program is that teaching mindfulness I can help people to have a better quality of life, without severe memory issues and without dementia early in their life (at 50's or sometimes at 40's as I unfortunately see in my activity) or without memory problems at all. There is no cure for dementia or at least a treatment to help stop memory decline in early stages, so that the disease won't progress to more severe stages. And as a clinical psychologist the best thing I can do is to help people to prevent memory problems by various means and mindfulness is one of the best known ways to do that because of the structural and functional modifications shown in the mindful brain. Happy and grateful to be here wishing to learn than give as much as possible.
  2. I am Maria from Sibiu, Romania (...in the middle of Transilvania). I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and The President of the Sibiu Branch of The Alzheimer Romanian Association. My interest in mindfulness started about 7 years ago and my first training in mindfulness was about 4 years ago. Use mindfulness exercises for myself and also in individual psychotherapy. Also the last years I had presentations at National Alzheimer Congresses about ”Mindfulness in preventing Alzheimer Disease” and also ”Mindfulness in Mild Cognitive Impairment”.
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