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  1. Hello Mindful people. I am happy to be starting this journey. It's been on my mind for many months. I have actually changed my work schedule so I can find the time to do this very important, life changing work.  I am a mental health therapist and mindfulness has so many applications for wellness.  It's my turn to be the student and soak up these skills.  I look forward to getting to know others here. Thank you.

    1. Gillian Florence

      Gillian Florence

      Hello! Welcome to the program. Sorry for my delay in responding to this - status updates do not show up when I go to 'Unread Content' unfortunately.

      I'm Gillian - the moderator for the community and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions as you navigate the program, reach out at any time.

      Wishing you well today! 🙂

  2. Hi Gillian,

    Sean is having our Q & A today, isnt he? it's 1:08 and I was a few mins early...cant seem to get it...Though I have "Group Mentoring Session" Showing!!!

    can you help me, please?

  3. Gillian, can you please explain the "Points" ; what is the purpose of the Points,  since it seems no one discusses it....???

    1. Gillian Florence

      Gillian Florence

      Hey Rick,

      The software for this community allots points for engaging in the community, such as through posting in a thread. I do not know how the points are calculated, but I know that it reflects how active members are and how popular their posts seem to be.

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