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  1. Dreams are really fascinating. I used to see a Jungian psychoanalyst regularly and still have sessions with her virtually on occasion. She has helped to analyze some of my dreams, which has been an interesting process to work through. Sometimes it is clear that something has come up directly related to my day, but often I am left thinking, "What was THAT about?"
  2. Thanks Vanessa and Rick! I also liked the 3 circle framework and can see how this could be used as a tool in so many situations. I too resonated with the idea of using these principles and practices across the board. One of the yoga studios I go to uses 'consent stones' in all of their classes (similar to what David was talking about). If you are open to hands-on touch, you take a stone out the small box and place it on your mat. If you do not want hands-on adjustments, you don't grab a stone.
  3. Hi Megan! Welcome to the community. I have heard about labyrinths but have never had the chance to explore this form of meditation. It sounds wonderful. Do you have one where you are or nearby to you? If you have any questions about the program going forward, let me know
  4. Oh very nice! Sweden is indeed beautiful. I am in Stockholm in a south suburb, though we have plans to move to the countryside. We're not sure where yet but are open to whatever presents itself.
  5. Hey Alexaraye, I sent a message to your inbox here in the community. Let me know if you didn't receive it for some reason. All the best, Gillian
  6. Hello all! I am curious to hear about your experiences and reflections on David's workshop on trauma-sensitive mindfulness. I watched the recording (which you can now find here) and was really touched by it all - the questions, the member sharings, and everything that David offered. At the end, I really felt a strong urge to hear the conversation continue. Dark night experiences and working with memory are topics that really intrigue me as well. Some of what I really liked were the exercises using the hands (both were impactful), as well as this notion that we don't need to be 100% 'healed' in order to support others with trauma using mindfulness. I also liked that David highlighted the quality of curiosity a couple of times because when it comes down to it, we can never be sure what a person needs or can handle, but by remaining curious, we start to learn more about who they are and how we can best support them. What did other people take away from this?
  7. Hey Rick, It's not easy to look up someone's email here for privacy reasons. Unless their username is their email, it's not possible to gain contact information. But if members are interested, they can add a comment here or send you a message to take the connection outside of the community space.
  8. Thanks for sharing this Nancy! It is beautiful and touching to hear about your bonds with your family. I, too, am very grateful for mine. I live in Sweden and my family (parents and sister) live back home in Canada. It is difficult being away from them, but I know that their love and support is always, always there. To share another expression of gratitude, last night I felt an immense wave of appreciation for my partner. I was experiencing some difficult emotions and he was (as he usually is) such a rock. He is able to hold me without trying to change or fix my experience. I am truly blessed with his presence.
  9. Hello Saundra! Welcome to the community and the program. I'm Gillian - the community moderator and part of the support team. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at anytime. I am glad your journey brought you to mindfulness. Your story is very relatable as so many of us are first 'treated' through conventional methods and a less-than-holistic understanding of wellbeing. Have you had a chance to look around the resources yet?
  10. This week's question asks: Who are you grateful for today? Whether you think of someone you know personally or someone whose work you admire, who is someone you are grateful for today?
  11. Thanks for the introduction here KJ! It sounds like you have a wealth of experience and that this mindfulness course with interweave seamlessly with your work. Since you specialize in relapse prevention and trauma, I'm wondering if you were here for David Trelevean's session on trauma-sensitive mindfulness. In any case, the replay will be posted in a few days in the 'Workshops' section of your Dashboard.
  12. That's great that you've found more free-time to focus on self-growth and purpose. I imagine challenging as well depending upon your circumstances, but it must be nice to have the extra time to slow down and turn inwards. And sorry, I didn't catch your name and can't tell from your email.
  13. That's wonderful Leo. You must have such a wealth of knowledge and insight. I look forward to learning more about your practice.
  14. This reminds me a lot of an Alan Watts recording I listened to just the other week. I tried to find it but haven't yet come across it. I will share here if I stumble upon it again! Thank you for your insight.
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