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  1. This week's question asks: What is one experience you've had that first presented as a challenge and now you view was an opportunity? As time unfolds, things that once proved challenging for us start to be perceived differently. Many challenges can later be looked at as blessings or opportunities. What is one such example of this in your own life?
  2. Thank you for this lovely introduction Tony! It is wonderful to learn more about your background and what brought you here. It seems you have quite a wealth of professional experience that will interweave beautifully with mindfulness (not to mention many years and hours of personal practice and retreat!) As I mentioned in the other thread, I can relate to the need to change careers and the big unknown that comes with that. I think many people are in this boat and could use some support with it. If you have any questions going forward, I'm the moderator for the community and the Chief Care Officer, so feel free to reach out at any time. A bit more background about myself - I am a freelance writer focusing on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality. I am also a yoga and meditation practitioner, though I haven't taught in-person since the pandemic began. I'm finding myself falling more and more into my passion and niche within this field, which has to do with the natural environment. I'm currently working on some nature-based meditation practices for my own website as well as my Insight Timer account.
  3. That sounds great @finestcoaching524@gmail.com! And @TonyB - I can really see a need for mindful support and guidance in these categories. I resonate a lot with your third category as mindfulness became a big part of my life when I was working in the hospitality industry. I knew it was in alignment with what I wanted in life, but I wasn't sure where to go. Overtime, mindfulness and meditation were a big part of what led me into the next phase as a freelance writer and yoga + meditation practitioner.
  4. This week's question asks: What 'stage' of your work do you find yourself in? This question came to me because I've been reflecting a lot on the cyclical nature of seasons, thinking about how we, too, go through various stages and that each serves a unique purpose. I am mindful of the fact that often, when I am in a resting and reflecting stage (as opposed to an outward-oriented phase of creation), I can start to feel mental pressure to 'do more'. However, the more I practice mindfulness, the easier it becomes to fully embrace all phases that I go through. Can anyone else relate, and if so, what phase are you in now? At this point in time, I find myself in an idea stage - it's like I'm planting seeds but not yet ready to jump into action. I'm taking time to nurture the soil so to speak.
  5. What great niches Jeff! I get the feeling that many of these communities are underserved when it comes to mindfulness teachings and all would do well with tailored teachings I imagine.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing @Fordstacie. These are such important niches to offer mindfulness to for all the reasons you mentioned. I, too, wish I had been introduced to mindfulness as a child. I remember when I first encountered mindfulness (in Jon Kabat-Zinn's book 'Wherever You Go, There You Are'), I was in my early 20s. It was as if a lightbulb went off - it just made SO much sense to me. So simple, and yet I wondered how I hadn't come across these teachings before.
  7. Hi Stacy! Welcome to the program. I'm Gillian - Chief Care Officer and Community Moderator. Any questions, feel free to ask Is your studio still closed now? How was that transition for you? It is wonderful you are now taking this time to explore other interests and find out how to best offer your gifts to others! Do you have a certain niche that you'd like to work with?
  8. This week's question asks: Who do you wish to share mindfulness with professionally? You might already be sharing mindfulness with a certain group of people professionally or you may be in the stage of figuring out how exactly you will do this. In any case, what is the niche of people you would like to facilitate? How old are they, what life experiences have they had, what do you want them to experience or learn?
  9. Absolutely. Even the most basic mindfulness and meditation practices, such as breath awareness or mindful movement, can have such a profound impact on our stress and anxiety levels. There's a very short and simple meditation practice led by Sean for relieving stress in the 'Audio' section of the resources - https://mindfulnessmastermind.com/sean-fargos-mindfulness-meditations/
  10. Hello Reyhan! Wonderful to connect with you here. I'm Gillian - the Chief Care Officer for the program and community. Are there any areas of interest that are most appealing for you? Anything specifically you'd like to learn more about? Wishing you a wonderful day! Gillian
  11. Hey @marnied@shaw.ca! The recording of the workshop with Spring Washam is up now if you haven't yet seen it. What a beautiful and inspiring session this was! I really resonated with this calling to find one's own authentic voice. Over the past years, I have witnessed the voice in my head that very subtly suggests I need to speak or present my work in the way that the teacher's I look up to do. Slowly, I've unravelled this belief to see that we all - myself included - have unique and beautiful ways of being and gifts to offer. How that manifests looks different for each one of us. This workshop was a beautiful reminder for me of that. I'm curious to hear about some of your reflections
  12. I love the idea of opening our senses and can definitely see how soothing and grounding this would be in a forest, a beach, or another natural setting. Lately I've been trying to bring more informal mindfulness to my daily walks in the forest - to witness and ease the mind and then open up more fully to the beauty of the world around me. I'm not sure where you are, but here in Sweden, the seasons are already starting to change. Something about the onset of autumn is deeply replenishing and inspiring
  13. Thank you so much for sharing this insight! I can really resonate with this. Last winter I held yoga and mindfulness sessions for an entire school during their wellbeing week and you're right, laughter was the most common reaction. I can also totally relate to the feeling of being out of control of the situation and wanting to find a way to control it again. Your reflections are a really powerful reminder that even this laughter can be embraced. One thing I found a bit challenging and also sweet was when, in the middle of guiding a simple yoga flow for one class, a young girl (maybe 8 years old or so) came up to me and whispered about a couple of boys behind her that were laughing and being disruptive. Her sincerity was so touching and sweet, and so I whispered back that I'd go talk to them and also suggested that their laughter didn't have to interrupt her practice but that we could move her mat if she wanted. It was a very interesting experience because in the middle of a practice guiding 20 students, it was difficult to continue leading the group, check in with the two boys, and also tend to her concerns. I'm curious if you have any insights on this or suggestions for navigating this.
  14. Hello all! I was emailing with one of our members who shared that she is looking to share mindfulness with mums to help them cope with all that comes with parenting. I shared with her some of the worksheets and scripts in the program that are parenting-specific (as well as some that are geared towards witnessing and navigating difficult emotions), but I'm curious if anyone else has suggestions or recommended resources and readings for someone looking to work with this group. For those interested, some of the resources I shared were: Under the Mindfulness Worksheets section - the categories 'Family', 'Relationships', and 'Emotions' Under the Mindfulness Scripts section - 'Focusing on Pregnancy and Motherhood', 'Gratitude for Pregnancy', 'Using RAIN for Difficult Emotions', 'Recognizing Your Resilience to Difficulty', 'Build Resilience to Your Response to Anger' Is there anything else (within or outside the program) to support parents using mindfulness?
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