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  1. Hi Heather, Welcome to the community! This is a really great question you've raised. As far as I know, you do not need any specific certification to be a meditation coach, though you of course couldn't say that you are a 'certified meditation coach'. Don't quote me on this though because there could perhaps be some jurisdictions that don't allow it, but I haven't heard of that for this particular term. If you feel that 'meditation coach' more accurately describes what you'd like to offer then it might just be the best fit.
  2. It was really great to take part in the live call! It was definitely past my bedtime but some mint green tea helped me along
  3. I just found this job if by chance anyone who stumbles across this is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In any case, it is another example of a job in the field (admin related, but you'd be working within a mindful team I imagine!) https://www.mindful.org/administrative-assistant-3/
  4. As noted above, the item I've chosen is a candle. It stirs in me feelings of gratitude, as well as a sense of being grounded and safe. I am mindfully aware that I tend to take these small things for granted, and so it feels quite touching to really tune in and notice something so simple. When I smell the candle, I notice a feeling of mild repulsion (it is not a lovely soy or beeswax candle but something undoubtedly made with chemicals). Just smelling it stirs a desire to recommit to buying fewer things (and using less) but opting for things that are best for myself and the planet.
  5. This week's question is a bit experimental. It asks: What comes up for you when you gaze at a single object? I'm sitting at my desk looking at a taper candle nestled into its brass holder. It got my curious about what it feels like to be really present with a single object. So for this question of the week, I invite you to choose an object in the room you're sitting in. Take a minute just to explore it with all of your senses (those that are appropriate given your object). How does this make you feel? What are you mindful of in mind, body, heart? (Feel free to share a photo of your object if you like).
  6. Hello community! Yesterday was Christopher Germer's workshop on self-compassion, which was really touching (for those that missed it, I will post the link to the replay when it is up). In the meantime, for those that joined in, feel free to share any reflections, experiences, or questions that might have arisen in regards to his teachings and the practices we explored together. One thing I found interesting (though not surprising) was that 78% of people (I think that was the number) find it easier to be compassionate towards others than to themselves. It's quite high but does seem very common (at least from my own experience and discussions with friends and family). I also really liked the short exercise where Christopher invited us to compare how we would react to someone we love who was having a hard time vs. how we would react to ourselves. In my own practice, it felt like I was 'closing in/shutting down' on myself, vs. tenderly 'leaning into' the suffering of another person. It's a really wonderful reminder to tend to ourselves the way we would a loved one.
  7. One of our lovely members reached out to me inquiring about any forums, websites, or other avenues that advertise jobs related to mindfulness and meditation. Off hand, nothing is coming to mind (though I will do a bit of research on it). However, I'm curious if anyone else here as any insight into where or how to find jobs in this field (aside from starting one's own business).
  8. GUEST-TEACHER WORKSHOP: CHRISTOPHER GERMER ON: TEACHING SELF-COMPASSION Wednesday, January 13 - 1pm PST / 4pm EST You can find the link to the event in the Dashboard.
  9. Hey Rick, No need to apologize! It's a bit confusing. These categories you've listed are the categories in the Teacher Training community. The other Mindfulness Exercises community has slightly different headings. To differentiate between the two communities, don't worry about the categories. The primary difference is in the URL. So this one, the community for students of the teacher training program, is at this URL: https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/ The general community is at this one: https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/ The difference is that one has 'teach' in it whereas the other doesn't.
  10. This I resonate with very much David. This is how my personal practice tends to look, though I also find great value in mantra repetition. I can't say much about what would be most beneficial as I think it all depends on the person and the present moment. That said, I do like the tender, compassionate, and open approach that you've described here.
  11. Oh that is good to know! Thanks Rick. I believe it works on all browsers on a mobile device, so that could be an option for some people as well. In terms of criteria, if you head to the link and then click on 'win $100', there are some pointers listed there (also under 'Recording Help'). You can also message Sean if you have specific questions, but otherwise it is just your honest testimonial required.
  12. Hello everyone! In case you haven't seen it in the Dashboard, there is a new link to submit short videos about your experience of this teacher training program. There is also a chance to win $100 for your video submission. Find all the details here: https://vocalvideo.com/c/mindfulness-exercises-community-stories With gratitude, Gillian
  13. Hi Natalie, Yes, just one form will suffice for a total of 7 forms.
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