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  1. Hello Gillian, Thank you for posting this. I too really liked the poem. Dr. Germer’s talk was fascinating. The concept that avoidance of shame is the problem and that shame itself isn’t was fascinating. The thought that people who feel shame feel as though they aren’t lovable because of it was also interesting. “Love reveals everything unlike itself. “ When thinking about self compassion asking what else over and over were tools I intend to use. The different types of self-compassion: tender vs Fierce.
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  3. My name is Lucia. My motto is "Spark into the Moment". Really it is " Be present". My purpose in life is to be. Mindfulness is a constant practice, constant awareness and being with the amazing world that each of us carries within us. I am here to help myself do that and by extension learn how to share this with others. Thank you for providing this venue.
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