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  1. Hey Banu, I just joined the community. I'm looking forward to start with the program. I'm also living in Cologne, Germany. Maybe we can catch up some day and have a nice talk about mindfulness. Cheers, Patrick
  2. Hello everybody, my name is Patrick. I just joined the Community and wanted to introduce myself. I live in Cologne, Germany. While I studied Sport Science I created my own Event Management company. During the past years I learned a lot through entrepreneurship. It gave me many oppurtunities as traveling the world. About two years ago I realized I need a new adventure which excites me. The company I created didn't fulfill me anymore. In that time I started to meditate and reflect a lot. It helped me realize that Sports, Nutrition and Mental Health are topics I'm really interested in. Actually I always was, but didn't have the focus towards it. About a month ago I found a video on YouTube from Liam the Founder of FitMind. I started to practice with his app. I like it a lot. I asked myself, "Where did he learn that much about Meditation, Mindfulness, etc.?". I saw that he graduated from this program and had a look by my own what Mindfulness Exercises is about. I was very impressed by the content and the story of Sean. From the first moment on I knew that is the place to be to get a more mindful and better person. Furthermore I would like to help other people to have also a better and more mindful life which has also a big impact on our environment. I'm very excited to start the program and to meet great people. Cheers, Patrick
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