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  1. Hi everyone - I’m Lauren and I am very grateful for the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness and techniques around guiding meditations and practices. I have been meditating for over ten years, but I am constantly learning more myself because of this practice. It seems funny to claim a number of years when it really is a new experience every time. My spouse and I are also getting ready to step forward and offer guidance and energetic support to others which is scary and overwhelming at times. I am grateful that I found this program as I am learning a lot about teaching these techniques which will be an integral component to our work. The practices themselves are actually helping me as I prepare to start this new chapter - pretty cool. I hope this finds you all well, Lauren (Des Moines, IA)
  2. Hi Rachel - Thanks for posting this. I am in a similar position of feeling compelled (after years of avoiding a calling) to finally face my fears and step forward with my spouse to start offering energetic and spiritual guidance for those interested. It is nice to hear when others are doing the same - it inspires me. Best wishes on your journey, Lauren
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