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  1. Hi Gillian, Yes, I would say that Gabor Mate's work is my greatest influence. Thank you for the link, looking forward to watching it. (-:
  2. Hi, my name is Vincenzia My field of interest is on how mindfulness can be used in recovery. There are many approaches to recovery and I have noticed a shift towards more eastern approaches when it comes to support groups but not much with actual recovery programs people can enroll in (in-person or online). There is the 8 steps book and support group and then Refuge Recovery as far as I know. Both being incredibly helpful but barely scraping the surface of what is needed out there. Therefor I have dedicated two years to further learning of addiction and to strengthening my mindfulness practices in order to design a Mindfulness Recovery program that deals with food, social media, technology, nicotine and other form of addictions. I, myself have been in recovery for quite some time now and most likely wouldn't have been had it not been for my introduction to buddhism and mindfulness many years ago. I am a Certified Life Coach, artist and sculptor. I spent many years working with children with special needs and have a very special and personal interest in Autism. I would love to connect with anyone that also has any of these interests in order to share resources, experience and theories. Looking forward
  3. I would love to join a group. I live in South Africa. Where do I find a link to the recording? Regards Vincenzia
  4. When we truly belong, we can meet our 3 intrinsic needs (Daniel Pink) - to bring value, to be valued, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Love that.
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