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  1. Hello Patrick, Unfortunately, i wasn't able to reply much sooner... Great that you joined thus programm and that you live in Cologne. Greetings
  2. Hi Tünde, nice meeting you too. Yes, Cologne isn't that far away -- looking forward to talk to you sometime.
  3. Hello William, nice meeting you -- greetings to Austin, TX
  4. Hello community, Hello community administrators, Hello Sean, My name is Banu. I've been in the program for six days and was a bit overwhelmed at first: So many files, so much material, and so many posts – where do I begin? Too many options and choices can also be quite intimidating ; ) But since yesterday's Q&A time I can see through it better. It was very nice to meet Sean and get to know some community members. Thanks again for the kind welcome. I live with my spouse and our 11-year-old son in Cologne, Germany. I got to know meditation about 12 years ago (before that it was always a mini part in my yoga practice). My father – a blue collar, hard working man – had a CD lying around that he had once received as a gift, entitled "The Healing Power of Mindfulness" by Jon Kabat-Zinn. He couldn't do anything with it, but I could. Since then, meditation or mindfulness (or both) has been accompanying me in various ways: e.g in stressful situations at work, during the birth of our child, when I had a burn-out, and of course now in the pandemic. I did not meditate constantly. It was always in phases. But in recent years I began to "sit" more regularly. Mindfulness has become a faithful friend. And yet, every time – especially since I started this course – I feel like I'm starting from scratch. Well, that's how it is: every moment is new : D Last year I completed my training as a healer. That was an incredibly blissful moment because I realized that I am a soul activist. It sounds super idealistic, but I know that with my healing skills and meditation, I can make the world a little bit better. Starting with myself. I am grateful to have found my way to this course and look forward to the journey with you. Love, Banu
  5. Banu


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