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  1. Hi Everyone, it was definitely a special session. For me it was very late, so I'm looking forward to the recording with a bit more fresh mind. I also noticed some difficult emotions coming up, a learning possibility to all participants. It might be also due to Gábor's directness. He looks like a very free, straightforward, humble person with a very sharp mind, not much in favor of sugarcoating, seeing himself and everyone very clearly. I checked out some of his Hungarian language interviews as well, on Youtube. Apart from obviously noticing his rusty Hungarian and excellent command of English, you can see the same easy-going way of speaking and sharing, also his private things. I just finished his book When the Body Say No, highly recommended. Warm thanks for bringing him to us. Tünde
  2. Hi Banu, I'm quite close to you, also in Germany, close to Trier. Just to let you know maybe we could even meet one day, corona permitting. Tünde
  3. Dear All, I'm Tünde, writing to you from a small village in Germany, very close to tiny Luxembourg. I'm 43 years old, I have a little 2 and a half year old adorable boy and a great Israeli man by my side. I am Hungarian originally, so we are a quite international family here. I have always been drawn to mindfulness, the interest has been there for some time. To such an extent that my boss noticed it and asked me to guide some short meditations at work to some interested colleagues. And then I found myself eager to learn even more about mindfulness and how to teach others in a professional way. So I am giving myself the time now: I took an unpaid leave from work to focus on my studies (and also some other family/personal projects supporting well-being such as decluttering our home and doing more sports). I also have listened to some buddhist teachings some time ago, from Lama Jigme in the Tibetan Cultural Centre in Luxembourg city. He has been my spiritual leader until now. Excited to begin this journey Tünde
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