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  1. Yes, thank you Rick! I originally disregarded the announcement about the Summit because they recommended it for medical professionals, etc. Your post prompted me to sign up and I am enjoying it very much. In gratitude.
  2. Hi Gillian, I'm looking on YouTube and found an option called "Opening Night at In & Of Itself." I selected it but then got a message it was requested from outside the YouTube app, so I canceled it. It's 1:01 in length. The film on Hulu is 90 minutes, maybe it's because there is footage from many of his stage performances. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I find the film anywhere else.
  3. Hi Gillian, Hopefully you can find it! I can look and see if it's on other platforms as well. I can share that it is a film based on a stage play. It's tough to say much about it without giving it away. For me personally, it was the experience of not knowing what was was and watching it, which made it so powerful for me. I can also share that it is about identity and perceptions of identity, which for me, fits in really well with my coursework.
  4. I wanted to recommend "In & Of Itself", which is currently playing on Hulu. I've also been recommending not watching the trailer or Googling it and just watching it as to not give away anything. I will share that it is about identity and perceptions, and I did need Kleenex. For me, this was mesmerizing from the minute it started and I'm definitely going to watch it again. Would love to know if anyone else has seen it, or if you decide to watch it, what you think, if there's a way we can discuss it that doesn't give away anything for others!
  5. Hi. This conversation is very helpful to me as well! I would also love an outline of the process of self-study to make sure I don't miss anything and a Certification Checklist. Thank you for reaching out about this. I got a little stuck on the "journaling your thoughts and feelings about your cultural experience and identity for 20 days", as I usually don't leave the house or see people due to COVID. I thought to fully engage in this, it would be helpful to consider throughout the day while out in the world communicating and engaging with others. Maybe I'm overthinking it? I'm also wondering if there is a suggested timeframe to start teaching within the curriculum, (I've never taught), and how others may have scheduled teaching the various types of meditation three times each. I would appreciate any feedback/insight you may have.
  6. Yes, thank you for sharing! As I continue on my journey to eventually teach, it was interesting to read the job posting and what they are looking for. Thank you for posting this question Gillian!
  7. It's nice to meet you Gillian. Thank you for the email as well. No, I haven't facilitated any practices yet. I've meditated for a couple years, but really deepened my practice in 2020, participating in meditation groups and completing an MBSR course. I'm excited to see what 2021 will bring.
  8. I have two reasons why I want to teach others: I lived 48+ years of my life based on certain beliefs and feelings about myself, as I grew up believing what other people thought about me, and who they said I was, was true. I have since learned so much through mindfulness and meditation practices and had many "Aha" moments, which have shifted my life. I want to share what I have learned to help others feel better about themselves, so they don't live their entire life under the identify of other people's perceptions. The second reason is because, in my opinion, so much of the world is focused on business and doing and many people live under the umbrella of constant stress and to-do's. I love that mindfulness not only allows the pause of non-doing, that it encourages it. And what a gift it is to take that pause. I want to help others who are seeking that pause in their lives, and support them on their own journey of self-discovery. My hope is to help others, while I myself continue to learn, how to notice and appreciate our lives so we don't miss out in the beauty of it. I truly feel within myself that this is my calling and I am so excited to see how it will unfold.
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