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  1. I am also so grateful for Dr. Mate's workshop. The conversations with those who shared were so raw and real and had so much emotion, and the last share reached me to my core. I found myself posting support to the person sharing in the chat as I related so much to what she was saying. I wanted her to know she wasn't alone and then I realized that by typing, I had also somewhat distracted myself from the last part of the conversation as a slight coping mechanism to what it was stirring in me. I am so ready to start peeling back the layers of suffering I have been carrying all my life and am really looking forward to not only listening to the recording again, but practicing "What happened". I was thinking about how these skills will also be beneficial for my professional life in the HR realm. This course is beyond amazing and I am in awe and am so humbled to be a part of it. It's difficult for me to articulate to others the level of education I'm receiving and the beautiful impact it's having on my life. Sean was so right when he commented that people sign up for this course and then realize how much it impacts them personally (sorry, I know this isn't exactly what he said, but hopefully it shares the meaning). Sean's rawness in this workshop was also extremely powerful to me. Everyone who opened their hearts showed me that I don't have to be perfect to be able to help others. We're all still trying to figure out our own stuff and I think there is beauty in sharing that. To me, that's when the real teaching can begin. There are no words for the amount of gratitude I have.
  2. Hi Rick, Thank you for asking and for thinking of including me. Unfortunately I only have a couple hours a week available right now and they aren't always consistent. If I ever see a timeframe posted under this conversation that I'm able to attend, I will check in and then jump on. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you Molly for putting this together. Unfortunately I am in New England and will still be at work, but I will think of all of you and hope it goes well. :-)
  4. Hi Maria, welcome to the program! (a little late). Julian, thank you for tagging me and I apologize for my slow response. Yes, I had asked Dr. Ritchie Davison if there was any current research around mindfulness slowing the aging process in older adults and also if there was any research that mindfulness helped when it comes to reducing social isolation in older adults. Where I work we serve adults 60 and older, so it was more of a curiosity question for me personally outside of work. Maria I would be interested in hearing if you ever have thoughts on this that you feel like sharing, but please do not feel obligated. Again welcome and thank you Gillian!
  5. Hi all, I am SO sorry for not responding sooner. I obviously have not been logging into the forum and must have missed the emails tagging me. My schedule has become increasingly challenging and I'm no longer able to create a side group as I would have liked. I am still fully engaged in listening to Sean's mentoring sessions and attend whenever possible and am extremely interested in hearing if Sean decides to offer sessions at other times. I'm glad to hear that a few people are connecting. I can be here if people have an occasional question that I can help with or really feel like they need someone to talk to. Gillian, please feel free to tag me anytime. I will try to be better about responding.
  6. I love the flower pic Rick! Also the “Being Still”… What a great way to convey what the experience can be like.
  7. I have been thinking about this and I think the biggest challenge for me is not knowing exactly what I should be studying next to move me forward on my path, while I continue to deepen my practice. There is so much to learn so I just tried to soak up everything I can, but I'm a process person so it would be nice to know a clear path. I was hoping others would respond to this as I'm really interested to hear what other people are challenged by. Great question Jillian! Thank you!
  8. Hi Gillian! I saw your post a few days ago and apologize for not responding sooner. I appreciate you continuing to share this information!
  9. Hi Gillian. I love that you are bringing this topic up for further discussion. Although I love so many things about this program, Sean standing up talking about belonging in the session has been the most powerful for me, possibly because I went through something for a long time recently where I felt I didn't belong. The strong reaction I had made me realize that it's something I really want to focus on. I have thought and written about worthiness and unworthiness a lot this past year, as conversations stemmed from a meditation group I was in. I will admit, worthiness and belonging are extremely sensitive areas for me, and although I have a lot I want to learn, I have already learned so much and it is changing my life. Part of the motivation for wanting to teach is so I can hopefully help others learn self-compassion, etc. For me, belonging means that you are accepted as you are. You have got me thinking a little bit about the relationship between unworthiness and belonging. Off the top of my head, I am thinking that you can feel worthy and still not feel like you belong. But I am definitely interested in thinking more about this and would love to hear what you and other people have to say on this topic! Thanks again!
  10. Thank you Rick for bringing up the topic of marketing at last week's session. I enjoyed the dialogue it sparked, along with all of the helpful information.
  11. My week has been good as well, although busy! Thanks for asking. We have been seeing some warmer temperatures here as well, which has me feeling like I want to start organizing things around the house. It's that it's too cold, for me anyway, to want to hang outside, but my energy is definitely getting excited for spring and summer!
  12. Hi Gillian! No I hadn't, so thank you for sharing. I usually listen to these when I'm driving. I was able to listen to part of it today and will finish it tomorrow. I haven't practiced the meditation yet, but will do that soon as well, obviously outside of the car. Hope you're having a great week!
  13. That's great Margaretha! Nice to meet you. I'm in the US, in Vermont, so I believe you're 5 hours ahead of me time wise, but I'm sure we can figure something out! I was thinking about doing something every other week, unless something pops up for someone sooner. How does that sound? I haven't received any other responses as of yet, so so far it would just be the two of us! Please feel free to send me an email if you want to chat about timeframes, etc. without boring everyone on the Forum! LOL Gillian, that would be SO great if Sean ever did a second group! The sessions are absolutely priceless in both meaning and in education. ❤ Do you know if the most recent recordings are going to be posted? Thank you.
  14. Thank you! I do have plans. My birthday is actually today and I had to go into the office, which I don't do often. My colleagues surprised me with cards, breakfast and flowers, and calls and messages have been pouring in. My husband decorated our house with 50 balloons. I took tomorrow off and am getting a massage. I get them regularly anyways for pain management, but tomorrow is just to treat myself. Then Saturday I am doing a virtual silent retreat. I'm so excited about that!! Because I took an MBSR course through UMass, I'm a grad and can attend for free. Thank you for sharing that with me. It's always nice to learn when other people are sharing similar experiences. I hope it feels as exhilarating for you as it does me.
  15. Hi. My name is Lisa and I started the Teacher Certification Course at the end of December. I know that I'm a little late in posting this. :-) After recently seeing the film “In & Of Itself” and having many conversations around identity, I'm going to introduce myself a little differently then I normally would. I am a person who deeply loves her friends and family. I love to write when I'm inspired, and I have been inspired a lot lately. I love the power of music and how it can bring thousands of people together, sometimes even as one voice. If it weren't for physical issues, I would love to be able to do all of the really cool yoga poses! I am kind, warm, broken, and healed, but not completely. I am forever grateful for the path that I am on and am extremely excited about all there is to learn. I feel like I’m coming out of a shell I have been living in my entire life, as I have allowed others to define me based on who they think I am. What an exhilarating experience! J And….I live on the East Coast, am married to an amazing man, am having a milestone birthday this week (50!), and have spent most of my career working in the nonprofit sector. Thanks for reading. :-)
  16. Yes, it was the conversation about belonging. For me it was almost a little startling when Sean stood up and started saying I belong here over and over again. I actually got emotional as it is relevant to something I'm going through right now and I thought it was so powerful. I agree I can't imagine what it would have been like live. I just wanted to hug people! LOL Thanks for sharing the info.
  17. Hi Everyone, I live on the East Coast and due to my work schedule, am unable to attend the weekly Mentoring/Q&A Sessions on Wednesdays with Sean. I LOVE listening to the recordings; however, this past week was extremely powerful for me and left me wishing that I could not only share what I was feeling with the group, but wishing I could let others know that I was supporting them as well. I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and would be interested in connecting as a group once in awhile to share and/or debrief? To give you a little context about where I am in my journey, I have never taught. I started this course almost two months ago and am loving every minute of it! I did pose the idea to Sean and he was supportive of it. I only say that, as that would be a question I would have, out of respect for him and ALL that he brings to his mentoring sessions. I look forward to hearing from people!
  18. Hi! I'm doing great. Trying to get caught up on the forum as there are a couple of separate topics I wanted to post. One is introducing myself as I haven't officially done that yet, just to share a little more about me. It is supposed to be in the low-to-mid 40s a couple times in the next few days here and that is so exciting! I'm in New England so it's definitely above-average temperatures. It just brings hope that we are headed more towards Spring, wish to me can never come soon enough! Thanks for checking in with us and for sharing how you're doing as well.
  19. Hi Gillian, I actually listened to February 3rd yesterday. I plan on returning to the meditation once in awhile. As difficult as it is, we are obviously all here for a limited amount of time and for me, this meditation is a gentle reminder of that. It might be nice to re anchor myself to this when I get caught up in sweating the small stuff. Thank you for letting me know about the 10th. I'll keep an eye out!
  20. That is a fantastic idea Rick! Thank you for asking. And thank you Gillian for all you do to keep this this community forum going. Connection during this process is really important to me because I learn so much from others. And as you know, I'm unable to attend the weekly sessions due to work, (except for the guest speakers as it is a later time, and I have more of a chance), so this is my only "live" connection. I was actually thinking yesterday about how great you are in responding to people so quickly. You are always right on it! I appreciate you both and hope that you have a great day!
  21. Thank you both! Hope you both have a really great day.
  22. Hi Gillian, Do you know if any of Sean’s weekly Wednesday sessions will be posted? I’m hoping to make the 17th as that starts at 4pm here, but have missed the other ones. (I did get to participate in Chris Germer’s presentation!) I’ve been listening to past ones. Thanks. Lisa
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