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  1. That's great Margaretha! Nice to meet you. I'm in the US, in Vermont, so I believe you're 5 hours ahead of me time wise, but I'm sure we can figure something out! I was thinking about doing something every other week, unless something pops up for someone sooner. How does that sound? I haven't received any other responses as of yet, so so far it would just be the two of us! Please feel free to send me an email if you want to chat about timeframes, etc. without boring everyone on the Forum! LOL Gillian, that would be SO great if Sean ever did a second group! The sessions are absolutely pr
  2. Thank you! I do have plans. My birthday is actually today and I had to go into the office, which I don't do often. My colleagues surprised me with cards, breakfast and flowers, and calls and messages have been pouring in. My husband decorated our house with 50 balloons. I took tomorrow off and am getting a massage. I get them regularly anyways for pain management, but tomorrow is just to treat myself. Then Saturday I am doing a virtual silent retreat. I'm so excited about that!! Because I took an MBSR course through UMass, I'm a grad and can attend for free. Thank you for sharing that
  3. Hi. My name is Lisa and I started the Teacher Certification Course at the end of December. I know that I'm a little late in posting this. :-) After recently seeing the film “In & Of Itself” and having many conversations around identity, I'm going to introduce myself a little differently then I normally would. I am a person who deeply loves her friends and family. I love to write when I'm inspired, and I have been inspired a lot lately. I love the power of music and how it can bring thousands of people together, sometimes even as one voice. If it weren't for physical issues, I would love to
  4. Yes, it was the conversation about belonging. For me it was almost a little startling when Sean stood up and started saying I belong here over and over again. I actually got emotional as it is relevant to something I'm going through right now and I thought it was so powerful. I agree I can't imagine what it would have been like live. I just wanted to hug people! LOL Thanks for sharing the info.
  5. Hi Everyone, I live on the East Coast and due to my work schedule, am unable to attend the weekly Mentoring/Q&A Sessions on Wednesdays with Sean. I LOVE listening to the recordings; however, this past week was extremely powerful for me and left me wishing that I could not only share what I was feeling with the group, but wishing I could let others know that I was supporting them as well. I'm wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and would be interested in connecting as a group once in awhile to share and/or debrief? To give you a little context about where I am in my journ
  6. Hi! I'm doing great. Trying to get caught up on the forum as there are a couple of separate topics I wanted to post. One is introducing myself as I haven't officially done that yet, just to share a little more about me. It is supposed to be in the low-to-mid 40s a couple times in the next few days here and that is so exciting! I'm in New England so it's definitely above-average temperatures. It just brings hope that we are headed more towards Spring, wish to me can never come soon enough! Thanks for checking in with us and for sharing how you're doing as well.
  7. Hi Gillian, I actually listened to February 3rd yesterday. I plan on returning to the meditation once in awhile. As difficult as it is, we are obviously all here for a limited amount of time and for me, this meditation is a gentle reminder of that. It might be nice to re anchor myself to this when I get caught up in sweating the small stuff. Thank you for letting me know about the 10th. I'll keep an eye out!
  8. That is a fantastic idea Rick! Thank you for asking. And thank you Gillian for all you do to keep this this community forum going. Connection during this process is really important to me because I learn so much from others. And as you know, I'm unable to attend the weekly sessions due to work, (except for the guest speakers as it is a later time, and I have more of a chance), so this is my only "live" connection. I was actually thinking yesterday about how great you are in responding to people so quickly. You are always right on it! I appreciate you both and hope that you have a great day!
  9. Thank you both! Hope you both have a really great day.
  10. Hi Gillian, Do you know if any of Sean’s weekly Wednesday sessions will be posted? I’m hoping to make the 17th as that starts at 4pm here, but have missed the other ones. (I did get to participate in Chris Germer’s presentation!) I’ve been listening to past ones. Thanks. Lisa
  11. Yes, thank you Rick! I originally disregarded the announcement about the Summit because they recommended it for medical professionals, etc. Your post prompted me to sign up and I am enjoying it very much. In gratitude.
  12. Hi Gillian, I'm looking on YouTube and found an option called "Opening Night at In & Of Itself." I selected it but then got a message it was requested from outside the YouTube app, so I canceled it. It's 1:01 in length. The film on Hulu is 90 minutes, maybe it's because there is footage from many of his stage performances. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I find the film anywhere else.
  13. Hi Gillian, Hopefully you can find it! I can look and see if it's on other platforms as well. I can share that it is a film based on a stage play. It's tough to say much about it without giving it away. For me personally, it was the experience of not knowing what was was and watching it, which made it so powerful for me. I can also share that it is about identity and perceptions of identity, which for me, fits in really well with my coursework.
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