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  1. The Gabor Maté workshop was amazing!! Thank you so much to everyone for arranging it and being there, and of course Dr. Maté. Thank you to all who shared their interactions. I learned so much from the dialogues about my own processing and emotional life. Am listening to In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts which has really been thought provoking. Wondering how the work shop was for others, and thank you again to those who shared their processing.
  2. Continue to do practice for him, and encourage the family to express their feelings. This weekend am doing a personal retreat and including meditations for people who have died. Will be following the the outline in the course for personal retreat. Also, plan on updating my journal on the Sheets. Will check in more about that to stay courant. Still learning my way around the process on here. Thank you for being there and asking!!
  3. The course work is good. I’m meditating almost everyday, but getting side tracked occasionally. The last few days I’ve been rereading a book on Tonglen that I recommended because a close friend died. I’ve been trying to do practice for him.
  4. Thank you so much for the zoom meditation/workshops today and all others!! They are so meaningful and go in such vibrant directions!! The reverse tonglen was very quieting and soothing, and loved the discussion around it. Sean, you are such a great leader and mentor in showing us how to lead/mediate a discussion. So much gratitude for having this opportunity. And it was so wonderful this week hearing about what people are doing with the teachings and what aspiring to. Thank you all for being here in this creative community.
  5. Was able to hear the talk by George Mumford!! Was so inspiring!! Really appreciate what he is teaching and his outlook. It really put a different spin on some of the work I’m doing. Thank you so much Sean for having him talk to us.
  6. Thank you Gillian for your response!! I see my name is sort of not there but my nickname is pinky, so that’s good. Yes, meditation has been such a great help in nursing and in being sheltered in place. I’ve been pretty content with it, much more than some of my friends. Thank you again for reaching out. It really is helpful!! Great to meet you, marian
  7. Hi, joined the Teacher Mindfulness a few weeks ago. Looking forward to meeting people and doing the course. Am teaching meditation to a small group and have also taught in a prison half way house. More grounded in the Zen tradition, have ordination in the Lay Teacher of western Zen. Love the focus and presence of mindfulness, and have taken some online and in person classes previously. Also have been a nurse for the last 40 years, recently working in Hospice and grief support. Doing Meditation and offering it to others has been a wonderful companion in nursing.
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