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  1. I have flexibility with my schedule for a bit so please send me the info as well.
  2. Yes, it worked for the earlier session at 11 am. Simply by clicking. So I would find that strange if it would work for one and not another. Im so upset. I ran home and rescheduled a client to be live for this one. and I can't seem to get a response. Maybe there is a better way to get direct help when we need it, so we dont lose out on the education. I am sorry you struggled as well. If i hear anything different, ill let you know!
  3. The link is not working for me, I have tried typing it in as well as clicking. Can someone share the link that will get me in? Assuming it is still going on. I have been trying for the last hour. Thank you! Much love.
  4. Yes, I have that sheet. However, With all the information, personal practices, leading/teaching and more, I was hoping maybe somebody had their calendar schedule of how they got it done. As the old Coaching Academy Lead Coach for a company, we had everything step by step listed out for them to get done. With this, there are so many areas to dive into. I want to make sure I am building upon the right steps and practices in the best and most helpful time frame. It is a bit overwhelming for me to grasp how it is presented. And that is very much so my brain and how it works. Not the program. I just hoped someone maybe was a type a and made a structure I could tap into. If they saw value in supporting a mind that works differently . I am open to receiving any and all advice/support
  5. @amypandolfi@outlook.com Perfect. Just found you on fb! I think . Katie Lasky on fb, Katie lovebomb on ig. Katie.lasky@gmail.com for email! Let me know if I found the right account. Hopefully I will see you on the call at 11!
  6. Amy!! New England Soul Sister!! I am so excited you are here! I am from MA. I too recently started and would love to connect if you feel you want community. Let me know. Much Love
  7. gratitude I spoke at an event this week on love as an action word. It was amazing
  8. Hello Everyone! While I am a master of many areas in life, creating structure has always been a weak skill of mine (historically speaking as I am changing it) I just wanted to ask if anyone has a model of exactly what they do with this certification process, lessons, practice, clients, sittings, etc, if you have it formulated in a structure that might be a great model for others to gain insight on how to best navigate this all, I would be beyond grateful. I just am curious how you have made it all flow. I am willing to go above and beyond with the work. I am just finding this layout more foreign to me and do not want that to create any delay/issues in my development and practices. If you are open to sharing your schedule/routine, let me know. Much LOVE.
  9. My guess is no, seeing the few that are interacting on this post.
  10. Thank you! I sent her a message as well. No update for what to do yet.
  11. I have been trying to log into the zoom call with everyone since 11 am. It says "The host has another meeting in progress" Am I not doing something correctly? I am not sure why it worked 2 weeks ago and not today. Open to advice. Thankyou
  12. I would have to say the traits that speak to me most are authentic, transparent, open minded, humor, and coachable themselves. I feel we are most able to grow, when those teaching us are also students in the process. Every client I have teaches me so much. That committment to growth and not ego to wisdom. that is my jammmm
  13. Welcome! I just started as well! As is true for all in this community, if you want an accountability partner or friend, I am here for you. I too had covid shake things up on many levels. Excited to see all we create with these tools!
  14. I am just starting out as well! If you need a friend or accountability partner, send me a message!
  15. It was a great way to experience Sean, the work, the community and more. I was grateful to be an observer as I was curious how it all worked.
  16. My life prior to personal growth/development was an actress, improviser and comic. A decade of being quirky and in front of others. Shy isn't in my DNA. hahahahah Actually, my entire family hates attention and my sister has social anxiety haha. So black sheep, and proud of it! Being exactly who we are and as we were created to be is the gift we all need to honor and step into.
  17. Thank you !!! Goodness I love the community here! Thank you! See you there!
  18. You are amazing! Thank you to both of you!! Question for today. Do I just click that zoom link at 11 am pst and join right in? Do I need to do anything to be prepared?
  19. Hi! I am just needing a bit of clarification on to the steps and process I take to have the best and most successful/beneficial experience in the cert process. I just finished working as a lead coach for a coaching academy & our outline was very clear and direct. I have no issues at all navigating a new system/way of being for a program. I just think I might be making some errors. Can you help guide me? 1. On those forms, I can't write in the spaces to write, how do I change this? 2. What videos go hand in hand with that fundamentals workbook? 3. what did you wish you knew when you started, to make this an easier process? THANK YOUUUU
  20. Hello Everyone! I am Katie. Currently in So Cal USA and relocating soon! (an unexpected adventure in itself). I am SO EXCITED to get started in this certification process & to embody even more of the mindfulness work myself as my life is changing. I have been working as a transformation coach and speaker for the last 8 years. I have a few different certifications for coaching, as well as I became a practitioner in reiki I/II, EFT, NLP and more. I live with chronic illnesses, have beaten terminal illness, lost my hubs to suicide, endured assault & infertility. I am COMMITTED to bringing this work to all these communities to encourage and support healing in a healthy manner. I am a very open book, transparent, authentic and will always share my vulnerability. I would rather help others by sharing than keep a "safe image" by not. For anyone that has advice, send it my way! I love learning and always strive to be better and do more. Introduce yourself when you can! Much Love Katie
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