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  1. I have flexibility with my schedule for a bit so please send me the info as well.
  2. Yes, it worked for the earlier session at 11 am. Simply by clicking. So I would find that strange if it would work for one and not another. Im so upset. I ran home and rescheduled a client to be live for this one. and I can't seem to get a response. Maybe there is a better way to get direct help when we need it, so we dont lose out on the education. I am sorry you struggled as well. If i hear anything different, ill let you know!
  3. The link is not working for me, I have tried typing it in as well as clicking. Can someone share the link that will get me in? Assuming it is still going on. I have been trying for the last hour. Thank you! Much love.
  4. Yes, I have that sheet. However, With all the information, personal practices, leading/teaching and more, I was hoping maybe somebody had their calendar schedule of how they got it done. As the old Coaching Academy Lead Coach for a company, we had everything step by step listed out for them to get done. With this, there are so many areas to dive into. I want to make sure I am building upon the right steps and practices in the best and most helpful time frame. It is a bit overwhelming for me to grasp how it is presented. And that is very much so my brain and how it works. Not the program. I just hoped someone maybe was a type a and made a structure I could tap into. If they saw value in supporting a mind that works differently . I am open to receiving any and all advice/support
  5. @amypandolfi@outlook.com Perfect. Just found you on fb! I think . Katie Lasky on fb, Katie lovebomb on ig. Katie.lasky@gmail.com for email! Let me know if I found the right account. Hopefully I will see you on the call at 11!
  6. Amy!! New England Soul Sister!! I am so excited you are here! I am from MA. I too recently started and would love to connect if you feel you want community. Let me know. Much Love
  7. gratitude I spoke at an event this week on love as an action word. It was amazing
  8. Hello Everyone! While I am a master of many areas in life, creating structure has always been a weak skill of mine (historically speaking as I am changing it) I just wanted to ask if anyone has a model of exactly what they do with this certification process, lessons, practice, clients, sittings, etc, if you have it formulated in a structure that might be a great model for others to gain insight on how to best navigate this all, I would be beyond grateful. I just am curious how you have made it all flow. I am willing to go above and beyond with the work. I am just finding this layout more foreign to me and do not want that to create any delay/issues in my development and practices. If you are open to sharing your schedule/routine, let me know. Much LOVE.
  9. My guess is no, seeing the few that are interacting on this post.
  10. Thank you! I sent her a message as well. No update for what to do yet.
  11. I have been trying to log into the zoom call with everyone since 11 am. It says "The host has another meeting in progress" Am I not doing something correctly? I am not sure why it worked 2 weeks ago and not today. Open to advice. Thankyou
  12. I would have to say the traits that speak to me most are authentic, transparent, open minded, humor, and coachable themselves. I feel we are most able to grow, when those teaching us are also students in the process. Every client I have teaches me so much. That committment to growth and not ego to wisdom. that is my jammmm
  13. Welcome! I just started as well! As is true for all in this community, if you want an accountability partner or friend, I am here for you. I too had covid shake things up on many levels. Excited to see all we create with these tools!
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