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  1. It's so timely that this topic has surfaced at this time when the veil between worlds is thin. The ritual of creating an altar to honor those who have passed is a comfort to me. This time of year brings great joy and sadness to me as it is the anniversary of the birth of my son who died at age 2, my own birthday and the birthday of my oldest daughter. I also recently lost a dear nephew to tragic circumstances and have been navigating this with my sister as well as experiencing the depths of my own grief. I find it such a fascinating and shocking process. Even though it has been many years since the death of my son, the grief is sometimes so raw and feels brand new. I have found it helpful to sit with these feelings when they arise and believe this practice has helped me to be present with others in this dance we call grief Molley
  2. Hi everyone, Here is the zoom link for our meeting Friday morning at 9:00 mountain time https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88361033186?pwd=TWNBTllYNnhVMGpEQW4zNS80VXRmQT09 See you there Molley
  3. Hello everyone, I am sharing the zoom link here for the session rick and I planned on the 26th at 2:30 mountain time USA. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to attend Hope to see you there Molley Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87061285598?pwd=eURLRWQxb3p1QUszK3dLN01NSjRnUT09
  4. That's great Ruchika. We have tentatively scheduled to meet on Aug 26 at 2:30 mountain time. Where are you? does this time work? I will post the zoom link here next week. Molley
  5. HI gillian, I created a zoom link for tomorrow at 1 pm mountain time. here's the link if anyone would like to join or share it. Molley https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86138159282?pwd=Qzl0Q2JEaklhKzBIVytGS2dkRU1nUT09
  6. Sorry It's MacCracken yes I can, I haven't but gillian did send me a few emails so I can. thanks for the reminder. I'll create the zoom link and send it to you. Molley
  7. Hi Rick, Lets try to find a time that works for us and take it from there. If that works for you. I think you are in Texas, I am in New Mexico so an hour earlier than you. Fridays are better for me and I prefer morning. Want to try the 13th or 20th of August at 10 my time? Look forward to hearing from you, Molley
  8. I guess my thought now is just to start something and invite others to join. Are you up for that Rick? I'd be happy to create a zoom meeting to talk about it. Molley
  9. Good morning, I wonder if anyone would be interested in creating a peer support group to enhance the experience of working through the lessons and guiding meditations? My idea is to connect in a smaller group. I love the Wednesday sessions with Sean and also feel I could use more connection with others on this journey. I also believe this could be a great time to practice guiding with each other and give and get feedback. Anyone interested? I know it could be a logistical nightmare to create a zoom group but am willing to give it a shot. Thanks for considering this. Molley
  10. Hi, I am not finding the script for the self compassion meditation in lesson 6 of the teaching fundamentals workbook. Anyone have any clues? I have noticed that referring to the appendix doesn't really make sense as I don't see anything listed as an appendix. Thanks for the help. Molley
  11. Have to sign off too. Hopefully the other link works. I may try again in a little bit. I'm happy not to feel alone in this. Molley
  12. Mine says the same thing. i have no idea about the potential attendee thing. When I joined three weeks ago, this was not an issue. I will try to attend the workshop later. Molley
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