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  1. This year I intend to start each day with a thought of gratitude and acknowledgement that Today is a new Day and to end each day with a thought of gratitude and acknowledgement of the day without judgement.
  2. Thank you Gillian. I am still working through where I should be. I am in transition I guess my starting point is Reiki, Those that make appointments do so for a myriad of reasons. The underlying resolution for all is to take the time to be present and become aware of your true being. It is a process, we identify,acknowledge, accept who we are in any given moment. we learn self compassion through meditation. It is a beautiful to share this space. I believe adding the Mindfulness Meditation will enhance the experience even more. I'm working on my website, & will be doing an onl
  3. Hi The last couple of weeks I have been withdrawn, thinking on my how's and whys of what is to come next. This happens to me often during the change of seasons, this year it has been deeper. Maybe because of COVID, along with turning 60 yesterday; so this question is timely. In many informal, instinctive ways throughout my life, I have been a teacher of many things. Universe has crossed my path with many travelers. The last 5 years I have begun to understand my path. Teaching mindfulness is one of my destinations. I have learned a lot about myself. This course along with the study of
  4. Love, optimism, yesterday sadness and uncertainty, its amazing how your energy changes when you focus on your heart center & remember that you are a beautiful being of love and light May you stay in peace in this moment
  5. Thank you Gillian! It is all very exciting. I am simultaneously working on updating website, linkd in & strategy. I am going to check out the different venues suggested. Will keep you posted as everything evolves. Enjoy the day
  6. Hi I have not ventured out in the virtual platform yet. Would love to hear from others who have. I am currently working on an idea that will include Reiki, Transformational Thinking, and Guided Mindfulness Meditation. I am quite new with the idea of "marketing" myself. A few thoughts/questions that I have: How to start: Live Event that discusses the program, with people then signing up? Best format? Zoom, Facebook Live? How to reach people? I think with the current situation of Covid, Virtual Teaching of Mindfulness is very important. With Gratitude Nancy
  7. Thank you Letitia! I have found journaling a great tool for self awareness. I never know where my writing will take me. It is a amazing how much insight I find when I read what I wrote!
  8. This week , I have been drawn to more silent meditation.During these times, I reach for this book -Karuna : one of the most beautiful branches of Reiki by Sandra & Jorge Ramos. There is a beautiful meditation: I am, and I feel well, here and now. Om Shanti. It brings great peace. From my journaling: Today just breathe... Allow this beautiful breath to fill your senses, Bringing awareness to the moment. Today just love... Allow this beautiful love to fill your senses Bringing compassion to the moment. Today just
  9. This was beautiful One thought at a time. I read the 7 Spiritual Laws Of Yoga by Deepak Chopra and David Simon about 10 yrs ago. I wrote each law in a notebook and practiced one each day. Some were easy like " give something to everyone you meet today" others were more difficult, like "judge nothing that occurs". To practice non judgement, I started with my commute to work. No radio, just me and my judgements and my continuous dialogue with myself. What an eye opener! I judged all the other drivers, and when not judging, was creating speculative dialogue for the work day! Since then I
  10. Yes I can see where confabulation could easily occur. I think if the right intention is set for dream interpretation, inner wisdom will speak. I am in the midst of some pretty deep self growth and awareness, which encourages me to take pause and listen. I will have to learn more about Memory Palaces. Thank you... and you never know , that rainy day could be closer than you think
  11. Thank you Gillian and Anthony I am new to the community. I do journal at least 4x/week. I find it very insightful. Sometimes I journal before I meditate and sometimes after. I am interested in the dream analysis. I have recently been recording my dreams. I am finding that even if I remember only a tidbit, once I write it, more follows. I have been categorizing into topics a) the probability if related to something that did happen that day b) what emotions were experienced and c) who the characters were. I will be checking out the links you provided. Peace and Clarity Nancy
  12. Yes, it is truly a blessing to have that kind of support. Over the years I have learned to be that for others. I have always wanted to help others, and though I meant well, it wasn't always what was needed at the time. Learning to listen without speaking says so much! Where in Sweden are you? Many many years ago, my sophomore year in High School I spent a year as an exchange student in Hudiskvall. It si a beautiful country. Peace and Light Nancy
  13. Hi I am grateful for my family. My parents have both passed on, however their support surrounds me everyday. I have 3 sisters and we live all across the states, but we are in constant conversation thanks t o today's technology. We are closer now than we were growing up. We all have had our share of life changes, and are fortunate to overcome differences. I truly believe that it is because of our parents that we have such a great bond. Nancy
  14. Hi Gillian! Sorry, my name is Nancy. Yes it has been a very interesting year. I am looking forward to this course and adding this to my new or rediscovered life
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