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  1. Thanks Gillian. So, my relationships with community forums has been tentative at best. I am not much for any social media, no blogging, FB, Twitter. I have entered into community forums before and seemed to get lost... scroll back and see what was said previously, Is there a forum topic with just those students taking teacher certification class? Are all topics just those students? Or are all topics with anyone connected to mindfulexercises? And, actually, I am not sure if all will see this post, or just you. Appreciate you time and connection. Be well. Stay safe.
  2. Hello all, My name is Doreen. I am a retired educator, over 38 years, 9 as a Special Education Teacher and 29 as a school administrator. I have been a meditator for 2 decades and practice yoga for the same 2 decades. Mindfulness and yoga have transformed my life. I am no longer taking medication for depression and sleep. I live each day, each moment with the knowledge that "i am ok" in this moment. And if anything gets in the way, which it does, I have learned the Mindfulness process. I have been teaching Mindfulness since retirement, about 4 years. I started with the certification with
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