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  1. Hi Gillian - Unfortunately, I was not able to catch David's session. My client schedule is currently interfering with my ability to participate in the live sessions. Once I complete the course, I'll be moving on to check-out the replays of the workshop sessions. Loving the course and all the content. Thank you and have a great day!
  2. Hello Sean, Gillian and everyone - I'm really enjoying the course, and learning so much. I work with individuals and families who are recovering from substance use disorders. I specialize in working with families, I also specialize in relapse prevention and trauma. I have an company called Fostering Resilience that provides online resources, I have a private practice and I also work as the Family Program Director for a small residential treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida. I have been practicing mindfulness meditation since my own early recovery from an alcohol use disorder over 12 years ago. Based on the personal benefits I myself have experienced, and what I know and believe to be critical benefits to the population I work with in achieiving successful recovery (individuals and family members), I have included mindfulness meditation in all of my work. I did receive a certificaiton in mindfulness about 5 years ago, but it was basically based on reading materials and was nothing like this course. I am learning so much and I can already see how much my skills have improved. I'm looking forward to sharing what I'm learning with others. Thanks so much for providing this incredible resource! With gratitude, KJ
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