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  1. I look forward to belonging with you all. In the early 70's I took 3 college classes with Jeffery Hopkins, a principal translator for the Dali Lama, and been a dharma boy ever since. Many retreats in the DC area with Insight Meditation community leaders, moved to Austin in 2010, dabbled in Shambhala and sit with the Austin Zen Center now and then as well as time with local IM groups. Have taught Mindfulness in Health Clubs, Yoga Studios, and a Meetup Group. Bhante Rahula was my first monastic teacher in 2003 and I sat with Bhante G about a year later, and returned several times. If there is an icon of a Mindfulness teacher, it is Bhante Gunaratana. If you can do this, I would.......
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    Bhante Gunaratana is leading a zoom retreat this Sunday, March 28 from the Bhavana Society in WV....
  3. Hello Banu, Looks like we are newbies together. I actually joined last fall sometime but only in the last few days have I found my way around this site and I attended the Davidson talk yesterday. This is my first post. I am in Austin, Texas and we may never meet, but indeed I look forward to the journey with you.
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