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  1. I would say bringin us back to the humaity within the practice. Its all too easy to believe you are suppose to get caught up in the expectation of the practice, and there really is no expectation when you are led to arrive over and over again in a new beginning.
  2. Thank you so much Gillian for seeing me. I appreciate your words of affirmation! I look forward to finding your note and connecting more! Have a lovely day!
  3. Love it Gillian! Thank you for creating this! I hear students feedback in the classes that I teach they love the "I", "You" and "we" mantras. May I be happy May I be safe May I live in peace and May I live fully present. Wishing all of this for you Gillian. Have a great day!
  4. Hello! How are you? Thank you for creating this group! I am happy to support in whatever way I can. I am a certified Mindfulness pre-school teacher as well as a certified Adult and Childrens Yoga Teacher. I have created The Mindful Care Collective and The Mindful Nanny Collective. I train caregivers of children through in- person consulting, coaching and virtual platforms to embody and model behaviors to children to improve executive functions in the brain including cognitive control, working memory, social emotional skills and cognitive flexibility. With the goal to help the next generation adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. Happy to help in whatever way I can. Here is a link to my site for more info. If anyone is interested when you sign up for my newsletter on my site you will be given access to my FREE subsciber hub that supports famili's in mindfulness practices. I have just launched the subscriber hub and I add new content monthly. You can find the website here The Mindful Care Collective. I hope you have a lovely day! I would love to connect with you Gillian as well! Take care! Warmly, Alexaraye Vallejo Email Me Here To Contact
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