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  1. Great, @Gillian Florence I'm happy to consult my in-house SEO expert if we get a green light for this. That way it will be a highly optimized post and surely reach even more people.
  2. Thanks so much, @Gillian Florence These are indeed powerful techniques that I wish were better known. I don't know if Mindfulness Exercises accepts guest posts, but if so, I'm happy to write something up about the technique for the site if so.
  3. This is a wonderful thing to do. Procedural memory develops nicely in a way that can make this feel and almost literally happen on something like "autopilot." The post I just released is on What To Do About Anxiety: 7 POWERFUL Tips.
  4. One of the reasons for joining this program was to help in developing a new online initiative. (Or better said, reviving one I'd started back in 2017 but needed to put on the back burner during an international move.) I've set a goal of 52 posts within a year and it looks like this was too ambitious. That said, I managed to post the 6th of the lot today and since they've all been longer and more in-depth than originally planned, I think less will prove to be more. The site itself still needs a lot of TLC, but I'm glad it's up and running and getting a fairly regular run of new content. Anyone else blogging in this space?
  5. Last week and this week I have added 3x yoga instead of 1x daily. It's just a simple routine, but I'm seeing quite a difference from scaling up time spent.
  6. @Gillian Florence All credit goes to Gary Weber for those questions... and to fate for how I somehow misread/interpreted them. @njmintzer8@gmail.com, the woo-woo topic is quite an interesting one. Some people have suggested I was a bit hard on the atheists in this talk, even though I would still generally identify as one. If I were to give this talk again, I would probably rephrase some of those elements, as my larger concern is really with scientific thinking and scientific literacy which sometimes becomes as dogmatic as religion, sometimes even outside of the awareness of some of the best people in the field. There are n=1 experiments, for example, that produce data for the individual practitioner that can still be valid, even if it doesn't map onto the experience of others. The danger and harm that happens in the world is really hard to nail down, and so caveat emptor is a powerful concept in all realms to go along with higher levels of scientific literacy and all the benefits it can bring for both society at large and individuals.
  7. That day could indeed be very close. Let me know if you'd like to chat about Memory Palaces. It's my main gig and I teach a fair amount about memorizing long form mantras in my latest work. My TEDx gives the 13 minute version of the how and why for mindfulness outcomes:
  8. Having taught dream recall for nearly a decade, I can confirm that writing the information down triggers more recall. If you want to take it to the next level, it's possible to place some dream content into Memory Palaces in ways that also trigger more recall without having to get out of bed to journal. The one area to watch out for is confabulation. It's quite easy to spin a yarn or otherwise create inaccurate elaborations when translating some of the experiences into words. A lot depends on one's goals in this department, because sometimes you want to confabulate. For example, I have spun two entire novels out of single dreams... one of which I published, as it happens. The other... saving for a rainy day, I guess.
  9. I would love to see this some day. Sweden is amazing. I've only been there twice, but lived in Germany for nearly a decade. I have the impression that it's a bit more connected with this phase of life overall. My own feeling since deepening with meditation took place in 2017 and my death anxiety seems to have disappeared, is that death does not actually exist. Or rather, from a non dual perspective, the only place it exists is in the now - which means it is life or only in life can it be conceived or experienced. One would need to be very sensitive with such potentially triggering philosophical noodling, but it seems mathematically impossible for the state of no-thing to exist in the minds of individuals that are experiencing their own consciousness 100%... even if they're not paying attention.
  10. I'm actually working on a version of this myself to follow-up on my previous book which covered journaling a fair amount. The Peterson material is here: https://www.selfauthoring.com/future-authoring I think it's great, though I feel research suggests handwriting the answers would be more likely to produce results. Sadly, I neglected to ask him about that when I met him, but I had other questions on my mind at the time. Another place to look for the broader concerns and theories on this topic is in the realm of what is often called narrative therapy. Perhaps a bit more out there, I've found the dream analysis work of Robert Langs useful too. It's very unique in that he doesn't make anything mystical from the narrative content of dreams. Rather, it serves as catalysts for exploring three core anxieties he thinks we face. I haven't read it for a long time, but I remember it being compelling. https://www.amazon.com/Decoding-Your-Dreams-Revolutionary-Understanding/dp/0345364317 I was fortunate to work with him so have a slightly different take on the theory as a result. Hope these angles help your exploration.
  11. I committed this to memory a few years ago and sing it almost every day: I like the more robust memory challenges for creating presence with memory itself. But I guess "neti neti" as short form would also do. Often this is translated as "not this, not this," but a variation I heard recently was "cancel, cancel." I think that's great too, but it has a slightly different tone, as when battling thoughts away or something like that.
  12. I'm very mindful today of my teachers. Even before checking out the posts on death awareness meditation, I'd met with my business mentor. He's back at work after a near-death hospitalization - and I'm so grateful to see him back in action. The more I meditate, the more I think of the many teachers I've had over the years. It's amazing when you focus on each and every one as much as you can. Even the smallest memory creates a spark.
  13. I've done something like this for many years based on some research Richard Wiseman presents in 59 Seconds (a really great book). Jordan Peterson has a variation on this that uses some hero's journey elements that are worth looking at too. It works wonders, especially when combined with gratitude journaling, as the article suggests.
  14. The momento mori seems to have been lost in our contemporary cultures. A friend of mine was an artist and had Mr. Death in a lot of his art. He once made this pin which says, "Catch you later." I always have it on my desk along with a brain cell pin and the Amor Fati coin. I'm mostly a minimalist, but these physical reminders have been great for ongoing mindfulness practice.
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