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  1. In order to fully learn the proper language, I prefer to be lead by the apps I listen to, and to Sean Fargo, of course,  and others more qualified than me...

    I love to use the Healthy Minds App. & UCLA Mindful App. provided by the Mindful Awareness Research Center, (MARC); perhaps a silent Treat down the road...I know my Aunt, when alive,  was a Catholic Nun

    who participated in Silent Retreats occasionally. As previously stated, Diana Winston, the Director of Education @ MARC, provides weekly Virtual Mediations every Thursday at 2:30PM/CDT. Yesterday, there were over 500 Global Folks 

    who participated in her Meditation! She is very popular & respected.

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  2. Hi Katie!!!

    Welcome aboard, so sorry for your Losses! i just lost a Best Friend to Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, so YANA, You Are Not Alone!

     I speak with some little experience, except to say, I had similar Problems with saving my workbook; I am still a WIP-a Work in Progress;

    now I know I got suggestions that did not seem to be helpful as I know we all have different Operating Systems; if you have an Apple, I saved my Workbook to

    Icloud, and that way as you perform your Lessons, make sure to save each time; when You do, Icloud will ask you replace your previous Workbook & say yes...that is assuming you have Apple...

    so be very careful to save each time; hope that Helps! Just take it one step at a time...go to our Dashboard: 


    for Periodic updates, Sean does a weekly check in with a Virtual Q & A...there is one


    Sean Fargo

    Wednesday, November 4 - 11am PST / 2pm EST

    Your Zoom Link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86212966262

    Hope to see you there!

    Again, welcome! 


  3. Welcome  Teniele!

    What a Pretty Headshot!!!

    Such a Gift working with Children! I worked with Blind ED children in a Residential program in the early part of my career;

    even back in the 1970's I was teaching this 12 year old boy the basics of Meditation; I used it partially as Individual therapy as he enjoyed the attention

    and being able to sort out his reality, being Blind, from the fact his father use to convey messages that he could become an 18-Wheeler truck driver.

    Anyway, Great to have you here!!



  4. Welcome aboard, KJ!! 

    I worked in a Drug Detox program up in MA for 11+ years, so I know all the Challenges of that job!

    From my experience, the AA 12 Steps of Recovery are vital in Recovery! I gained many a great Friendship with Sober Friends;

    on the other hand I met many others who could not cope with Recovery too, who perished from the Disease, sadly enough!

    Hope to see you in Live Session when you can!

    You are amongst Friends!



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  5. Hi Friends,


    I am Grateful I did my first Meditation today, however, it is in the Global Mindful Meditation Group on Facebook; see the Link below.

                                                                >>>Come join us>>>

    There are 3 basic questions to answer, make sure you scroll down to see them, ok? Would invite Comments once you are admitted to our Group.

    Thanks in advance https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup


  6. David's Presentation was Awesome!

    I enjoyed his whole approach to Trauma! I actually got to see it twice since he 

    presented at the Embodiement Summit! I took copious notes too!

    The Key take away for me was "Options" given the PTSD Person options whether with specific choices to 

    open their eyes, leaving the meditation with another person, then coming back; giving them the choice to discern anything 

    with the Meditator after the meeting...all quality choices. His Book sounds awesome too! My Next Read!

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  7. Hi Water-Cooler Fans,

    I wondered what other Folks think about having a Alphabetic Membership Directory here for easy access

    to Folks's Emails, Cell phones, Focus kinds of Businesses they consult with, if they chose?

    Since we are a Community here, wonder what other Folks thought about that? it'a a nice way to consult with one another. Just a suggestion.

    There doesn't seem to be a uniform way to look up someone's email here.

    So what do you all think?


  8. I am definitely an Ocean Guy, though I am here in Texas!!

    Growing up in MA, then moving to Rhode Island brought me even closer to the Ocean! 

    There's something mystical about the Ocean &  it's unpredictability, yet soothing ocean waves crashing on the Shore! I could listen to that sound all night!

    As a matter of fact, I just discovered Sean's: 

    Beautiful Water Sounds:  https://mindfulnessexercises.com/downloads/water-sounds-flow-state/...I love the "Sunset Beach waves"! Pretty soothing for a Meditation!





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  9. Yes, Gillian, I was present for one Q & A...I was hoping for a Presentation, yet the Q & A was a different approach...

    Here is Diana Winston's link at the Hammer Museum; you have to Register for Free each week:

                              https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation     Hope y'all can join us...for us it is 2:30PM in Texas; for you would be 9:30PM in Stockholm...hope to see you there! You have Snow today? We are 68 Degrees right now...

    Our Facebook and Linkedin Global Mindful Meditation Groups: Both groups are growing...I am introducing the Groups to our Tools here.





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  10. Hey Gillian,

    I have not done one yet, however, Diana Winston of MARC (Mindfulness Awareness Research Center of CA) runs one every Thursday @ 2:30PM/CDT; I attended her last one; globally, she literally hod 251 Folks on it; she's been doing Virtual Zooms since March, I believe. She is very Popular! Would you like the Link? You have to register for Free ahead of time; that way you can see her witness her content; she basically derives a Theme each week. So let me  know; in the future we could begin our own Private Group for Students here!!! What do you think?

  11. Hi Members,


    This is a profound Summit you may want to tap into; most Sessions I have watched for Free;

    they are wrapping up! Can you imagine Healthcare dealing with Mindfulness? Here is the Link if interested:


                                            https://www.mindfulhealthcaresummit.com <<<very Powerful Summit!!



  12. Thanks, Gillian,

    Here is the Facebook one:

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup/  (Seeking Global Leaders to actively participate

    and asking for assistance as we now have 242 Members [I began in in May 2019--we are the only Global Mindful Meditation Group].  

    ‚ÄĒ-There are 3 questions to answer to get into the ‚Äú Global Mindful Meditation Group‚ÄĚ.¬† Please scroll down to see all 3- thank you.

    Our Linkedin Group:

    https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12268868/ >>We have 62 Members and growing; I also plug the www.MindfulnessExercises.com Group as well.

    I have a McKinney, TX Neighborhood local similar group as well.

    If anyone would like to join me on my Global Mindful Meditation Education Podcast, send me an email @finestcoaching524@gmail.com

    See the Podcast link:  https://anchor.fm/finestcoaching-rickbarber 

    Hope that was ok:).




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  13. Hello Lisa, 

    Welcome, though I'm a relative Newbie myself; I'm Rick in McKinney, TX. USA; I see we are both Geminis; I bought a Journal Called: "Make It Happen", so when I fall back from it, It calls ou to me as it did today! Being a Gemini, do we share being inconsistent tendencies? What do you do when you start to feel overwhelmed?  Just curious...Again, welcome aboard!

    Gillian, is ok I tell Lisa about Global Mindful group I began in Social Media?

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