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  1. Hi Katie,

    Wow! I can't believe someone else is having that issue too! (Expression Self-Compassion as well as Compassion for you, Katie)!

    I was feeling alone with this; seems everytime I think I am ontrack, I have another major task ahead of me;

    For me if Sean layed out his suggestions of items to tackles as a Priority Task Flow would be very Helpful!

    Have you began the Workbook and have you purchased the " A Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness", Katie? I am doing both of these at the same time, though the Workbook does not coincide with the "Guide"? Then there are the "Instructions Application for Certificate of Completion" let me backup a second...there was a link I was going to provide you with this Link, Katie:



  2. On 5/12/2020 at 6:38 AM, Gillian Florence said:

    Beautiful Alisa! It reminds me of the practice of embracing oneself as a child from the lens of being a loving parent or wise elder. 

    Ahh.., Ladies, that is like the Quote I leant many years ago: "The Worst Neighborhood you can be in is your own"! Nice to meet you, Alisa and Isabelle!!!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Welcome aboard! You are amongst Friends!!!

    Great Questions! All Businesses are operating Post Covid right now...and adjusting to using New Resources  unfamiliar to them...

    You certainly market yourself via Live Videos on Facebook, Linkedin, Zoom, & Podcasts as well---whatever Creative means to assist you! We all are taking on various formats!

    Some Folks are designing Workshops on Eventbrite.com; I have considered that as well, though have not taken that step! Come Join us at Sean's Q & A: 

                              Wednesday, November 25 - 11am PST / 2pm EST

                              The Zoom Link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81900255411

    Hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out to us...there's No "I" in TEAM!!! Hope that helps:



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  4. The more the merrier...I am not expecting 387 Folks like Diana Winston had a week ago; (I have reached out to Diana  Winston & the Hammer Museum with no response so far); could be a teaching tools for those who may want to learn from any deficits I may display...I am using a scrip from Sean's list...it's a secret so far!:)

    I am opening myself up to Transparency...Sean has a page for Creative Sounds if anyone is interested; it is:


                          Beautiful Water Sounds:  https://mindfulnessexercises.com/downloads/water-sounds-flow-state/ >>I like the "Tropical Beach at Sunset, myself. 

    Anyway, Teaching is being open to humble compassionate critiques, right?

  5. Hey Gillian,

    Is there anyway, you can make the Live Zoom Thanksgiving Mindful Meditation for Members ( I am ready & willing); I realize it is a Holiday, however, some of us will be home and Not traveling! I am posting the Link in our "Global Mindful Meditation Groups on Facebook>>> (https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup

    and Linkedin, (>>> https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12268868/ ); here is the Zoom Link to the Thanksgiving Day Meditation Group that occurs at:  2:30 PM/CDT: 

                                                                 Topic: Thanksgiving Mindful Meditation
                                                                Time: Nov 26, 2020 02:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

                                                                Join Zoom Meeting

                                                                Meeting ID: 271 202 7508
                                                                Passcode: MindfulMed


  6. Think I'll jump in here...somewhere  in Business I heard the quote: "People don't care how you know til they know how much you care"!

    I met with a New client today, related to my Photography Business; here we were not able to shake hands, both with masks on and barely could breathe...shje was quietly Sociable and told me how this was a New experience for planning A Family Portrait session with no experience...well, I have her my Ideas and encouraged to lean into her ideas, yet was rather shy....so I made up my Mind that I wanted to leave her with a caring Positive attitude, and that even though her Husband was not part of our meeting, I found ways of making it just as much about his meeting as it was his Wife's...

    When we addessed the cost she asked, "Can I pay the total all at once"? That told me that I was able to make her feel comfortable even though never seeing one another before...what was I going to say, No? Of course not! 

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  7. Ahh...& hear I figured I was rambling unintentionally; sorry to hear, Gillian; doing better, thanks, that OTC Med..really took me out of my element...always be aware when combining certain Meds, OTC or not...

    I spent numerous time in Meditations yesterday. Despite the Benefits, we cannot ignore the Physical, for sure...when is doubt of Chest pain...get Checked out!Medically!!! The Life you save may be your own!!

    I had an Anxiety Attack back in 2017 (2nd time in my lifetime) and wound up at the ER; thank God it was just that...and never never play doctor..see how our minds get distracted & plays tricks on us!!!

    Be well, Gillian and whoever else reads this!


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  8. Ahh...I have a Technical Tip:

    I see Folks who are not well represented with Light; I had that issue too as well since I am a Volunteer for a Career group on Zoom.

    If you are a Presenter, it is good to have Equal amounts of light around you so you are well lit and not having very bright backlighting that can be overexposing one's image for the public; some folks do not have enough lighting which shows too much shade around you, so I bought what's called a Ring-light; it's $35.99; I am happy with mine, I am considering another; here is the link from Amazon:


    Hope this help!!!! I like it cause it has "..... 3 color modes (cool white, warm yellow and daylight) and 10 brightness levels to meet your different needs": It is well Worth the Cost!!

    When I get a chance I'll do a demo Video someday on Youtube. 

    When presenting on Zoom, it helps to look like Pro!!


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  9. Hi Mindfulness Friends,

    Diana Winston, the Director of the (MARC), the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, is not doing her Zoom Call Mindfulness Meditation on Thanksgiving due to the Holiday; in her absence I am Planning on doing it Live via Zoom on Thanksgiving at 2:30PM/CDT the same time she normally would do it!! It woud last approx 30 Mins give ot take.

    I have solicited the support from the UCLA Med & the Hammer Museum; no word as yet...so do I have any takers? Let me know as Mindfully i am going forward...


    ~~~Rick~~~Take a "Mindful' View of this RI Coastline Photo I took.


  10. Thanks, Gillian,

    I was reviewing my Meditations, I have participated in so far...not that the amount matters...I counted 114 as of today as I was listening to Sean's Theme: "Positive Future" as I listened to the background of my WindChimes in my backyard as I have been experiencing Anx from an OTC med I took before Dinner  and later experienced Chest pains with some leftover anxiety today; I took an xtra low dose aspirin last night with additional checks on BP's and my Pulses -all Normal...sometimes we need to be aware of what mixes with what esp. if the Physical & Emotions are combined...maybe I am having leftover reactions today; my Partner offered to take me to the ER, then later I read that the OTC med had a side effect reaction of "Chest pains" as a result of...so why to share? Just for awareness sake, for sure...I worked in Healthcare for over 11 + years, so I know my signs to be on the look out for....no worries so far...

    I have an imp. announcement for a Live Zoom Meditation on Thanksgiving day!!!! See y'all at the "Watercooler" for my Announcement!!!

    Thanks Gillian for my ramblings>>maybe helps to release my Anxieties today:)

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  11. Great Topic!! 

    At first I was hesitant to even bringing Mindfulness into a conversation; I suppose for fear of being misunderstood or judged;

    Now I feel freer to do so to see how it is interpreted. So where have I begun? At home with my Partner, and little by little it seems I can fit it into the conversation as I did yesterday! We have a standard joke about being the "KIA, Know It All" of the household, of course we are not, though makes for some frivolity! Beyond that she admitted that she needs to learn how to forgive herself for her misdeeds which I followed up with..."We have a Mindful term for that" ,which she queried about as I briefly explained as

    "Self-Compassion" which apparently was new to her! So I informed her that I first heard that term from Dr. Richard Davidson>>


    So now I am working on a proposal for presenting an "Intentional Mindfulness Workshop" to a Career Voluntary Group I assist at; our Coordinator seems to need to justify how this would help Job Seekers and needing an immediate "Take Away" as he expressed. Sean was helpful to clarify my Next Move on that...sorry, hope I was not off track; it's all relative to certain varying degrees.

    I see that I seem to be the only one who uses a Color font here; I choose rather Mindfully because to me, it represents, "Hope" coming from my Catholic background.


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  12. Gee, No, that Link was perfect; it was just Sean's Hyperlink which was incorrect on his weekly Q & A; I was able to text him

    and he sent me the correct link that I passed onto to others who were temporarily Locked out.

    Bonnie's Session was Amazing & Inspiring! She felt complimented that our Class was so Diverse, which made it more Intriguing!

    Do you ever get to participate in our Classes?

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  13. Hey Gillian,

    Here is David Treleaven's Video from yesterday; he explains that this weekly Meetup is for any First Responders, whomever that may be 

    and anyone else who has that Special Interest. 

    David Treleaven’s Free Weekly Meet-up Titled:

            TSM Community Meet-Up | November, 2020 - Practices to support frontline workers during the pandemic


    It is very insightful and inspiring!!! He only has an hour, though he sets up Break out groups of about 3 for Informal chats and Intros! I met with 2 Female 

    Coaches from Canada; we had short fruitful conversations! 



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