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  1. Great, Gillian,

    I appreciate anything you can find!

    Thanks, unfortunately, she got the Time zone confused; we are having a Phone chat this Friday! So time will tell! Basically, I think she wants to assess if I have anything worthy to share RE: Mindfulness in the Workplace!

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  2. Great idea, Gillian! 

    I would be interested in seeing any latest Researches RE: Mindfulness affecting Workplaces.

    BTW, Richard J. Davidson & Daniel Goleman, in their book, Altered Traits, quote many Research studies. I am reading that book in prep for Richard 
    Davidson joining Sean's Q & A next month; I had suggested that idea, never thought it would happen! Kudos to Sean for accomplishing that!

    BTW, I have a phone chat with a Talk Show Host, Dawn Marie Westmoreland at WPVM FM, 103.7 FM-LP, North Carolina; her theme, on her Linkedin Profile is, "Respectful and Safe Workplaces"; as far as I know, she wants to prep me for her show...so, we'll see what happens.:) Wish me Good Will!:) I'm a little Anx about it.

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  3. Watching Christpher Germer's Youtube Video which Sean posted, is that it is nothing to do with Self; the combination of Mindfulness & Compassion make them a perfect fit!  My Takeaways were:

    "Mindfulness can be described as Loving Awareness of moment to moment experience”!

    "Compassion is about responding to a person’s need and responding to a person’s need. i.e. taking action”!

    Compassion dissolves the yourself by warmth”! Via “Care, Warmth, and Goodwill”!

    He was very eloquent...when we are Compassionate when another is troubled, the other person's anguish thoughts, and perhaps some self-loathing becomes diminished.  It's that connecting Care, Warmth, and Goodwill that becomes valued & meaningful! >>>my interpretation of what Christoper shared; as in a warm glow in a fireplace.

    Great Question, Gillian!!!


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  4. OMG. Paris; Gillian could have pointed that out to you...I am so sorry...had you gone to our Calendar, you would have seen it, Paris...which you may have not been aware of; my faux pas!! In the Future...my Passcode is always, "Mindful"; let me post it as Google Docs...bear with me!!

    When I have it posted. I will be sure to let you know, ok? Again, my apologies...in the future, always check our Calendar...


  5. Doing Great after our Deep Freeze, Gillian! Temp is a far cry from the Freezing Temps we had last week in TX.; believe me...I know your Winter feeling!

    Hope some Folks will be attending our 2PM/CDT Free Live Zoom Meditation today; here is the Link:


    Theme is From Compassion to a Loving Kindness-Self-Compassion; hope some come!!:)...

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  6. Sean's Q & A this past Wed. was very impactful re: The Theme of "Belonging" and raised a fair amount of Emotions in folks

    as well as furthering opening up ideas for our Q & A's, whether we have some Break-out Sessions to get to know one another

    more and share ideas. Sean is considering options around that...

    In an email to Sean, I suggested that we have a topic of Marketing Ideas to market our Mindfulness programs to Businesses; I noted to Sean that not all of us have Clients, per se; I wish our Facebook Group would get more active...I do my best to suggest and promote Meditations.

    Have a Blessed Safe Weekend; Severe storms heading our way as 6 Citizens were killed recently in Ft. Worth along Black icy slick roads causing a Fully Road of Pileups of 150 Autos & Trucks, including 18 Wheelers! Some were even First Responders on the way to work who did survive-36 had to be transported to hospitals. It was such an ungodly mess!

    As I say to many, we want to hear from you and Not About you (On The News!)

    On a positive note, I shared the short version of the Metta Prayer with a Close Friend of Family, and she in turn, shared it with 34 Family & Friends unbeknownst to me! 







  7. Your Welcome, Lisa:)

    We are a Team here, though wish more would participate; I'll bring it up today in the Session today...I'm sure it may seem to be off topic, tho very relative to some of us, right Lisa?


    Lisa, reach out anytime...there is No I in Team! Even, email too if you like.


    Thanks, Gillian for reposting that article; I'll save to my enotes!


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  8. Your Welcome, Lisa:)

    We are a Team here, though wish more would participate.

    Off the cuff here, Gillian, but is Sean open to & willing to do some Classes on "How to Market our Mindfulness Services"?

    Just curious...I know you passed on that Marketing Article which I have misplaced in my notes; for one thing not all of us have Clients; some do, some of us do not; I have submitted a Proposal to a couple of Cities and a Healthcare system, which have come up blank, so far, though I did receive some minute Leads from one of those city HR Directors...just curious....and it seems this Community would be more helpful to us, with those who already have Clients could share how they got their clients to begin with...there are Stories there that some of us need to hear...is there anyway, you can invite others to come here to share?

    It seems there's a divide here....pausing...it's almost like the have's are happy with what they have & are not sharing...does that makes sense with a slight judgement ( when we are not suppose to be judging, please forgive my judging:(. )...I am ranting so I'll quit...

    P.S. Would you mind reposting that Article please? I'll repost the Link to my E-Notes...which reminds me...is there a way for Post, i.e. Share Files, so all can benefit? In any case, my Intention is looking out for all.

  9. Actually, Gillian,

    I was sharing in my Workbook this week, that when my Partner/Significant Other, and I went for a Walk in our local Park, we did not have scattered thoughts; I explored whether she was open to participating in a Mindful walk without her knowledge of what it is, so we agreed mutually to make it a Visual Mindful walk, which turned out to be pretty Amazing! We pointed out obvious colors along the way in the landscape, yet also aroused a certain curiosity of why certain contrasting colors of bark on certain trees, so, in essence,  were focused in identifying contrasting colors, and even the perception of certain angles of Trees,  e. g. like my Partner commented how one Tree was shaped in the angle of a "V, "as in Victory" she said, which upon sighting the tree close up turned out to be 2 separate trees that were at least one foot apart from one another...so it became a Mindful learning experience for both of us; it subsequently also provided for a positive conversation before going to bed and expressed how much we enjoyed our walk; perhaps to be repeated in a different way next time. Hence this was a very contented enjoyable walk.






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  10. Hi Gillian & All,

    We have a section here called Files to Files apparently...I wanted to add my Video to be critiqued, first noticing, No Files were there, so 

    I figured my Video File could be added; I went to load it and received an error message said my File was larger then 9.77 MB...

    If we want our Video Files to be critiqued, why don't we have the Video File space to do so? And what was frustrating was No Files were there!

    So my Friends & Colleagues, where are Folks storing their Video/Audio files? >>>Just being curious????




  11. I believe, Gillian is correct, Amy; you have to download each one; after-all there are so many..

    I would be surprised to hear any differently. Are you sure you really want to do that? There's got to be over 300 or so...

  12. Hi Friends,

    Here is a Great Webinar I just listened to if anyone is a Private Contractor seeking new Projects: hope you can see this; it is called:



    If you can't, www.TD.org is a Valuable organization is a great Talent Development organization to belong to!



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  13. Is it any wonder why I have chosen for my Live Zoom Meditation, "Be Still" for next Week?

    I have been reviewing the Script, "Being Still" and adding my own twist to it! The quote by Indira Ghandi is so appropriate as it related to that, too!


                      (I love this quote from Lee J. Colan & Julie Dacis Colan’s Book, The Power of Positive Coaching)

    Indira Ghandi says: 

                    “You must learn to be Still in the midst of activity and to be Vibrantly Alive at Rest”! (Pg. 33)

    I have also been leaning toward Compassion & Self Compassion; and now passing on the short Metta Prayer:

    1.                                                                           May you be Safe from all Harm.
    2.                                                                           May you be Healthy.
    3.                                                                           May you be Happy.                                                               
    4.                                                                           May you live life with ease.    
    6. Enjoy!!!                                                                  
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  14. Hi Gillian, Folks...

    I wanted to delete the previous Event I scheduled...could not see how to do that on the Request in the calendar, so I am posting the Edited version of my Meditation....wish more could see this:


    As you can tell by the Link, I am Hosting this Free First Mindful Meditation taken from our Script on: "Being Still"...I hope you all Sign up! I have posted other Notices on Facebook, maybe Linkedin, even...Hope Folks come; I would welcome critiques too; this is how we all Learn from one another.

    Thanks...FYI, Gillian..I tried to delete the Initial Request in Calendar...could not see how to delete, please inform us how to do that...Thanks.




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