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  1. Hi Folks, Here is one of my First "Loving Kindness" Meditations; comments welcomed: https://www.facebook.com/708710023/videos/10164487295735024/ Thanks.
  2. OMG, isn't that the Truth, Gillian!!! LOL!! Though I had a pleasant trip down Memory lane with my Brother yesterday partly testing his Memory! Some of his Memories were better than mine! And I'm the Younger!! Some days he is very sharp, othertimes not so much!:( at lease we can have a rational Mindful conversation!:) I think he gets my Loving Kind concern today! Just for today!!:)
  3. Hope you enjoyed your Time Off, Gillian! My Fiance' and I shared some Gifts with our Wonderful Senior Neighbor across the Street from us, whom had a terrible Christmas whose Daughter-In-Law was in and out of the hospital; as I dropped off the Gifts she came to her doorway as I was parting across the street, and so I expressed our Gratitude for her in the form of "Loving Kindness" and she blew me a kiss, & expressed a mutual Gratitude!!! It's amazing how affective we can be when we do that!!! It's new verbage for me with "Loving Kindness" extended back to us!!! And, point being, that "Loving Kindness" can be extended to anyone!!! I have to make attempts at repairing some old family hurts long overdue!!! That will be a True test of sorts!! Not all will accept that them either!!
  4. Hi Folks, I hope more Folks take advantage here: I wanted to post my Podcast before I was ever aware of our Program here; Gillian, for the benefit of others, can we have a separate Topic of Podcasts? Anyway, here is my "Global Mindful Meditation Education"? I had not done any Podcasts recently, though I will be beginning to focus more on Meditations. I did one one or more...I have to research more; here's the Link: https://anchor.fm/finestcoaching-rickbarber/episodes/Global-Mindful-Meditation-Education-e5h655 Would love to hear feedback...now there are 17 Podcasts, so just an FYI...Hope y'all enjoy, please share with others...I would love to entertain doing a Podcast with others here, call it a Dual Mindful Meditation!
  5. Hmmm...food for Thought, Megan!! I'd like to do that too...asking for Feedback as well...so glad to see you here!!
  6. As I get older, and listening to Jack Kornfield, we are only here for a limited time, and then we are gone! Everything arrives and then passes away! It hit me last night while in bed, and he reminds us there will be an "ocean of tears" too regarding Losses we experience as I shed a few last evening! And Losses can be of many kinds! I sensed for me, some of my youth was stolen from me because my natural emotional growth was shattered one day when I got slapped across the face by our Sister Principal in front of my First Grade class for such a minor innocent infraction, & that incident held me back for many many years...it took a lot of Therapy and standing up to a Boss of mine one day when I was encouraged by a dear Nurse Friend of mine, to tell my Boss off in an appropriate way, since this was during a "Feelings" meeting on a Friday afternoon...I was in my 30's then...believe me, my Courage prevailed too, in another Work situation, when an Attorney tried to get me fired from a Job as a Child Protective Services Worker job when I was in my 50's, basically due to her own ignorance relating to what my Role was with a mutual Case...she later came up to me and admittedly, she finally understood my Job....so accusations come and go as Jack relates...so today my Courage continues...I realize today, these were Transformation times, major Growth spurts! I have always had a Passion for Learning and Training; the more I learn, the more confident I become, so my limited time has come to share my Growth and expertise with others, so that hopefully, when I do pass away, there will always be at least one person who will remember me for who and what I had become.... You might say, Jack Kornfield's message stirred up many years last night...and many lost feelings!!!! Well, Gillian, I am still here & learning; this almost felt like Therapy today, even though many of those issues have passed! So Ha Gillian, you did say, "Feel free to share as much or as little about your inner callings...."!
  7. Havent seen any shares by you in the Group?? RU shy??
  8. Anyone who wants to attend Diana Winston's Thursday Free Meditations at 2:30PM/CDT here is the Link; you must Register: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation It's happening in approx 15 Mins. Sorry, Gillian, Ive been meanign to get it on the calendar...not sure if it was allowing me to do so:(
  9. Cool...love the Guitar...& lyrics, though not familiar with the Chants... Focusing on the Moment!!! at least, there are translations!!! Thanks!
  10. Hi All,

    Hope this is the top of my Feed...I am Rick in North Texas, USA..CDT.

    I look forward to connecting with whomever is interested..

  11. Hi Gillian, Yes, I was connected; y'all missed a Positive-power-packed session with George! Unfortunately, I spotted Katie and Lena message after the fact...and felt bad...since I was available the last time for Katie...hmmm.iI am puzzled. It's always hard when we don't know what Op. Systems folks have to even begin to understand the precise issues...I have an Idea.. What if I scheduled a dry run Zoom call, though we can choose to chat about whatever is in your Heart & Mind, so it's not a wasted Zoom...up to you Folks...would you join us... what do you all think? I see it's 5:36 your time, Gillian...Katie, where RU? And Lena, where are you? so let me know, I am in McKinney, TX, USA..:) CDT.
  12. Oh, no, two of you did not get in...gee, so sorry...I wished I knew at the time! Let's touch base before our next session, ok, Katie *& Lena... Welcome, Lena..we have not met! My name is Rick Barber, in McKinney, TX.
  13. ".....how to edit my post....." I had the same problem, Amy...look below your content after you post...there should be an "Edit" button to click...did you find it? If not let Gillian know, ok? Hope that helps... ~~~Rick~~~
  14. Hi Amy, Welcome! My name is Rick, so call me that, ok? Yeah, some Texans think they'll cool when they guess, I'm a New Englander! LOL! I had a meeting with a Medical Director one day and the moment I opened my mouth, he pegged me as a Bostonian! Needless to say I was impressed! You are amongst Friends her!
  15. Thanks, Gillian, I am reading this Article; thanks...Great tips! ...we become the Solution for rather than focusing on the Anx of How to!!! Though the How Tips are mentioned too!
  16. I love our “A Clinician’s Guide To Teaching Mindfulness”! My latest Focus has been on “Loving Kindness”! I can’t wait get in front of a Class of students. Wish we had a whole section on Marketing|Companies, just sayin! We must have folks who have accomplished this.
  17. ok, Gillian... That's Great; I have a lot of Logging of Meditations to accomplish. I began listing them weeks ago though not on this list; wish I had known at the outset..I have many hours to log; I have to summarize based on the Theme I listed...at least I did that.
  18. Welcome, Amy! I was born in Boston, MA, though in McKinney, TX now; I still consider myself a New Englander, sometimes, a Texan!:) Y'all have a Great day, Ladies!!
  19. Hi Katie, Wow! I can't believe someone else is having that issue too! (Expression Self-Compassion as well as Compassion for you, Katie)! I was feeling alone with this; seems everytime I think I am ontrack, I have another major task ahead of me; For me if Sean layed out his suggestions of items to tackles as a Priority Task Flow would be very Helpful! Have you began the Workbook and have you purchased the " A Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness", Katie? I am doing both of these at the same time, though the Workbook does not coincide with the "Guide"? Then there are the "Instructions Application for Certificate of Completion" let me backup a second...there was a link I was going to provide you with this Link, Katie: https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.com/mindfulness-meditation-teacher-certification/
  20. So, another question...do we earn any any Meditation credits that we do for ourselves...attending to any Meditations, by Practitioners? I have been doing Meditations daily...I'm sort of at a loss since I dont have any Clients yet...just trying to clarify.. Thanks.
  21. Ahh.., Ladies, that is like the Quote I leant many years ago: "The Worst Neighborhood you can be in is your own"! Nice to meet you, Alisa and Isabelle!!!
  22. OMG, Gillian, this so reminds of Hiking in the Blue Hills up in MA, just outside of Boston!!! Thanks for taking me down a mindful path full of Memories!!
  23. Gillian, can you please explain the "Points" ; what is the purpose of the Points,  since it seems no one discusses it....???

    1. Gillian Florence

      Gillian Florence

      Hey Rick,

      The software for this community allots points for engaging in the community, such as through posting in a thread. I do not know how the points are calculated, but I know that it reflects how active members are and how popular their posts seem to be.

    2. finestcoaching524@gmail.com


      ok, thanks for clarifying.

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