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  1. I wondered what Thoughts, Feelings come to mind; here it is:

                                   I Belong-You Belong-We Belong

                           If in time, you have Doubts, Fears, Blame & Shame

                           You may think who is like me, are they the same?

                          What if we are all on the same Cloud, who will rise up?

                          Doubt says, “You can’t rise up-You are not Good enough”!

                          Fear Says, “Stay Away, Stay away-Run-You must Hide”!

                          Blame remarks, “It’s all Your Fault”-thinking which is my Side?

                          Shame replies, “See what you have done, Again & Again”-huddles in a corner.

                          The Mind splits in so many Pieces, why didnt it come back?  The Mind ponders-Scorner?

                          Amidst all this strings of Chaos, The Mind takes a Breath & seeks it’s Flaws.

                          Who is that who curses the Mind to Flutta, Sputta, & still takes another Pause?

                           The Mind always seeks to devilishly create natural Thoughtful Disasters!

                            So, if so, where does the Mind fit in & who decides, Before and After?

                           The Mindful Pause says to the Thinking Mind, who are you to judge & scorn?

                           So who really fends for itself, another long deep Breath & seeks not to thorn ?

                           The refreshing easing Mindful Buddah’s Breath ultimately releases:

                           Yes, I do Belong, & Yes, You Do Belong, & Yet to all The Minds, We do Belong!                            

  2. Wow!! Welcome, Raymond,


    I saw Paul McCartney & Wings many years ago in Foxborough, MA, USA; they drew a 50,000 crowd at Foxborough Stadium that night for my Birthday, not that they were celebrating me!:) What an amazing night with Lighted Cigarette lighters! We had no cell phones back then, or maybe, were beginning to erupt!

    Though I've never been to Edinburgh. I once had a Major British Writers Professor in College. whom showed us Students a Slide 

    presentation of the most Beautiful Castles there; he made them exude off of his Movie screen! That would be a Dream place to go!

    If you can provide, I would love to see some Photos & any Stories that may accompany!

    I'm a Sky/Landscape type of Photographer myself...any thoughts/feelings are up for grabs!!!

    Again, welcome!



    IMG_0892 2.jpg


    IMG_0918 2.jpg

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  3. Hi Folks,

    Gillian always has great questions!:) I find that it takes a lot of discipline and it's had to remain focused; it would be nice in my humble opinion if the program was a little more streamlined.

    I am attempting Outdoor in person Meditation events right now with Social Distancing and the the Tech tools to accomplish that & given I had a recent minor surgery, I've got thrown off track a little, though I am feeling more confident now with various Meditations; I have been sharing more of the Metta Prayer with the Public and folks seem to be amenable to listening; occasionally I'll slip in a conversation about Loving-Kindness and even today, I got a Healthcare worker didtracted and we wound up talking about Compassion and Self-Compassion; it's kind of Cool to experiment with-just my Mindful thoughts of the day!! I am leaning more toward "Being Still/Loving-Kindness/ Compassion vs. Self-Compassion"...

    Enjoy my "Mindful Rose of the Day"!




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  4. For me, first, there needs to be an openness to Mindful Meditation; even, if not Meditation at first, then,  at least an openness to an attitude of Mindfulness; ultimately, it's not one or the other, it's both! One has to question, what is a Student's Motivation? I was always seeking a meaningful Coaching/ Teaching Certification program to suit my needs, that hopefully will be attractive to others, where learning is on an Equal basis...to be a Student of Life, so to speak, and Sean has demonstrated that!

    Second, his guiding Principles of Loving Kindness & Compassion for others & at best,  Self-Compassion, too,  is the invitation to grow as a Student-Teacher and having the Curiosity to move forward...

    Recently, when I did a modification Meditation on Sean's "Being Still" has taugh me to stop and just be, in the moment, having that curiosity to participate in that process & see where that leads! I decided another day soon afterwards to make up my own Meditation themed, "To Do or Just Be"; intially my frustration hearing others saying, "I am too busy" to help or to hear another potential client say, "I've got too much on my brain" right now...the curious question I posed to her was, "What's your alternative", left with food for thought! 

    Of course, I am loving the concepts of of The Mindful Self-Compassion book by Kristen Neff & Christopher Germer; my next book probably will be one of David Treleaven's book, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing. 

    So these are my initial thoughts...as I explore more types of Meditation, I'll reserve comments moving forward.

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  5. Thank you for posting those links too; I sometimes have a hard time figuring where all those Resource links I need to keep track of,

    so I decided to file those in my E-Notes under your name!! Just an FYI...

    "May You All Be Well. May You Be Free from All Suffering. May you Be Healthy. May You All Be Happy. May You All Live your Lives with Ease".

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  6. Hey Gillian,

    These are Great Topics; i listened to this one: "How to Teach Mindfulness With Less Fear, Doubt, and Insecurity", only actually the last term was "Uncertainty", though when I saw your last term, 'Insecurity', Gillian, I identified with the that the most, "FDI", years ago was how I termed the anancronym. I learned that one many years ago having survived an Alcoholic Marriage, so I use to believe I was not worth it and I was being punished for what I did not know, my confidence was shattered and always compared myself to others; I did the same in High school being around the Brainiacs...so how to resolve those crazy ideas?

    First, is to be aware of the those negative emotions, let them roll around in my Brain, see how they felt, exploring where they came from, checking out their validations, if any! Once I figured out I deserved better, that became my new Mantra, "I deserve better", so I build on that everyday; do I have to be perfect?>> A resounding No! Was Sean Fargo Perfect in his journey?...No, of course not. Once Sean alluded to me that he had already made all the mistakes in his Journey, then he motivated me to join here. Now I figured out that my Meditations do not have to follow the scripts to a T! So long as the follow a basic pattern, implementing the Basics, like Breaths and other various anchors, then I am ok to proceed. That is why I decided to do a Meditation titled, "To Do or To Be" this past week, unique to me!

    So that was very enlightening, also was the Vision we have for ourselves; what did I envision at that moment? I pictured myself performing a Meditation with a group of Community folks from my Neighborhood, and being able to identify myself with each and every participant...we are are all in this together, Students and Teachers, all equal, in fact the more vulnerable we are, the attractive we can become to new Students!

    Wow! That was an analysis of only one of those links, and I need to journal all that too!!! So thank you for posting those...Now I have to prepare for a Student Photographer today and I intend to bring those same Mindful intentions to her today!!!

    Have a Blessed day, All!! Namaste!

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  7. Thanks, Gillian,

    I will spare most details; I was recovering from my 2nd Covid shot as well; you might say my Body has felt unbalanced, now still; it has taken some time, so I spent last night in a Meditation from

    Healthy Minds App= "A Tour of the Senses" since mine are very prevalent; they shot me up with Fetanyl and Dilaudid in the Recovery Room 2X's, as was needed then have been taking a Muscle Relaxant 

    for pain, tho with little effects, so taking it in stride and cannot do any major lifting or exercize for another 5 weeks or so...

    Anyway, hope all had a Nice Easter, those that celebrate it; we did attend Mass, that was good emotionally...so as we say, I am a Work in progress and hopeful!

    On a more Positive note, I have a Dr. who is the Chief of a Ambulatory local VA Group who joined my McKinney Mindful Education Group, so I hope we can actually have a conversation going forward.

    Oh, and regarding my Meditation, themed, "Being Still"; I sent my Family Friend who just lost her Mom a few weeks ago, that Meditation, & she said, "it was very calming, and now I am relaxed from your Video".

    That was an unexpected compliment.

    So what is others' focus these days?

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  8. Actually, I have been slightly out of touch of the Community, though Meditating, though;

    I had Minor Surgery this past Monday and still recovering; it felt like my Insides got torn inside out, so I've been hurting, so when I get all tight I am drawn to my Breath 

    and has helped. Yesterday, my Fiancé & I had our 2nd Covid Vaccine shot; we left with no side effects, however this AM was another story...so now dealing with other Body aches, so taking it in stride...when Stressed my anchor has become my Breath...so my Body felt a little unbalanced yesterday, & first time using a Cane; today, No Cane, so there's Progress...

    I have taken emotional time outs to walk in my yard and just listen to Sounds....that progressed to doing do a Meditation themed: To Do Or To BE!

    Sometimes I get frustrated with Folks who keep making excuses, because they are too busy, hence got motivated to do that...

    Anyway, need to get ready for Bed...that's all I got for now...Recovery is slow...using a lot of ice packs...Hope you All are well! Have a Great Easter, those who celebrate!

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  9. On 3/5/2021 at 7:17 AM, Gillian Florence said:

    I thought it would be nice to create a thread for us to share any interesting science-based mindfulness studies or scientific reviews we come across. If we are writing mindfulness articles, planning talks, or preparing presentations, it can be helpful to have some pieces of research to turn to. 

    I will start by sharing a link to an article called 'The Mindful Brain and Emotion Regulation in Mood Disorders', which explores how mindfulness regulates emotions.

    If there are certain applications or benefits of mindfulness you are interested in (i.e. anxiety, addiction, etc.), let me know and I can see what research I can find.

    Yes, Gillian, the Research has to do with Job Searchers; Is there Research that proves, Mindfulness positively affects those Job Seekers? I am putting together a Proposal/Powerpont that actually shows Data that proves my theory; now I know the Benefits myself; I seek Data which shows Results, thanks...I am glad you asked.

  10. Wow, Ladies,  You dont know how coincidental this Topic is! 

    I had just finished emailing my High School Alma Mater after making a Donation to their school; as I was emailing the Head of the School.

    I recall trying to fit in while I was there, which was tough in those days...I have always wanted to go back to Boston & speak at my former High School; as I was thinking about themes, this is what I suggested to the Head of the School: 

    From Shy Boy to Very Confident Clinical Social Worker/Management Consultant to a Professional Photographer to Mindfulness Meditation Teacher now at Age 70!!

    I was very insecure back in the day for lots of reasons...in becoming a Mindfulness I could relate to any Student who did not feel as though they fit in!

    My font wont go back to purple:(

    Anyway, back then I found ways to fit in, or belong to smaller groups; now on a Professional level I struggle to be respected as a Mindfulness Teacher; that is why I wish more Students joined us here.

    For those not belonging, Gillian, extending Loving Kindness & compassion come to mind...my sense of Belonging for me is my own self-Identity today, i.e. I belong even when I don't feel it, there is a belonging space there too!

    It's like, no matter where we are, We Are! Like Sean says, It is what it is!

    Lastly, I 'll mention a very popular Book I read in College was...On Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers! I heard Sean mention him once! An Awesome Read!

    Much more work to catch up on, Ladies! Nite!

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  11. Is anyone else having difficulty getting into Sean's Q & A today...I have tried 4X's today....no luck!!


    Gillian...it seems someone should be able to assist us on the back end if we cant get in...I thought Sean had someone assisting him...unless I am missing something???

  12. Great, Gillian,

    I appreciate anything you can find!

    Thanks, unfortunately, she got the Time zone confused; we are having a Phone chat this Friday! So time will tell! Basically, I think she wants to assess if I have anything worthy to share RE: Mindfulness in the Workplace!

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  13. Great idea, Gillian! 

    I would be interested in seeing any latest Researches RE: Mindfulness affecting Workplaces.

    BTW, Richard J. Davidson & Daniel Goleman, in their book, Altered Traits, quote many Research studies. I am reading that book in prep for Richard 
    Davidson joining Sean's Q & A next month; I had suggested that idea, never thought it would happen! Kudos to Sean for accomplishing that!

    BTW, I have a phone chat with a Talk Show Host, Dawn Marie Westmoreland at WPVM FM, 103.7 FM-LP, North Carolina; her theme, on her Linkedin Profile is, "Respectful and Safe Workplaces"; as far as I know, she wants to prep me for her show...so, we'll see what happens.:) Wish me Good Will!:) I'm a little Anx about it.

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  14. Watching Christpher Germer's Youtube Video which Sean posted, is that it is nothing to do with Self; the combination of Mindfulness & Compassion make them a perfect fit!  My Takeaways were:

    "Mindfulness can be described as Loving Awareness of moment to moment experience”!

    "Compassion is about responding to a person’s need and responding to a person’s need. i.e. taking action”!

    Compassion dissolves the yourself by warmth”! Via “Care, Warmth, and Goodwill”!

    He was very eloquent...when we are Compassionate when another is troubled, the other person's anguish thoughts, and perhaps some self-loathing becomes diminished.  It's that connecting Care, Warmth, and Goodwill that becomes valued & meaningful! >>>my interpretation of what Christoper shared; as in a warm glow in a fireplace.

    Great Question, Gillian!!!


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  15. OMG. Paris; Gillian could have pointed that out to you...I am so sorry...had you gone to our Calendar, you would have seen it, Paris...which you may have not been aware of; my faux pas!! In the Future...my Passcode is always, "Mindful"; let me post it as Google Docs...bear with me!!

    When I have it posted. I will be sure to let you know, ok? Again, my apologies...in the future, always check our Calendar...


  16. Doing Great after our Deep Freeze, Gillian! Temp is a far cry from the Freezing Temps we had last week in TX.; believe me...I know your Winter feeling!

    Hope some Folks will be attending our 2PM/CDT Free Live Zoom Meditation today; here is the Link:


    Theme is From Compassion to a Loving Kindness-Self-Compassion; hope some come!!:)...

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  17. Sean's Q & A this past Wed. was very impactful re: The Theme of "Belonging" and raised a fair amount of Emotions in folks

    as well as furthering opening up ideas for our Q & A's, whether we have some Break-out Sessions to get to know one another

    more and share ideas. Sean is considering options around that...

    In an email to Sean, I suggested that we have a topic of Marketing Ideas to market our Mindfulness programs to Businesses; I noted to Sean that not all of us have Clients, per se; I wish our Facebook Group would get more active...I do my best to suggest and promote Meditations.

    Have a Blessed Safe Weekend; Severe storms heading our way as 6 Citizens were killed recently in Ft. Worth along Black icy slick roads causing a Fully Road of Pileups of 150 Autos & Trucks, including 18 Wheelers! Some were even First Responders on the way to work who did survive-36 had to be transported to hospitals. It was such an ungodly mess!

    As I say to many, we want to hear from you and Not About you (On The News!)

    On a positive note, I shared the short version of the Metta Prayer with a Close Friend of Family, and she in turn, shared it with 34 Family & Friends unbeknownst to me! 







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